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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Incompatible change for extensions
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2013 06:36:51 GMT
On 8/1/13 12:10 AM, Mathias Röllig wrote:
> Hi!
> I must correct myself:
> I wrote
>> But: It doesn't work for
> With an other extension I saw, it works! So I searched for the problem.
> For the first try to edit the Addons.xcu I have made a mistake and I
> inserted the new <prop Title ...> not at the right place. So AOO doesn't
> read the title information and created the "Add-on 1" title.
> But after I corrected my mistake I uninstalled and installed my
> extension many times, but the title stays at "Add-on 1". The other
> modules that I doesn't started before shows the right name. That's why I
> was thinking that the title information doesn't work with the StartModule.
> Now I find that the information about the title was stored in
> registrymodifications.xcu. I deleted the <node ...> with the title
> information manually - now it works as expected!
> So the question and problem is: Why was the information about the (title
> of the) toolbar not deleted from registrymodifications after
> uninstalling the extension?
> But my suggestion resides;
>> As stated in
>> "Setting the toolbar title in Addons.xcu will take precedence over the
>> <Module>WindowState.xcu."
>> In my opinion the "normal" way is, that a special property overwrites
>> the default property. So, if only one module should have a different
>> title, there must be only this one <Module>WindowState.xcu.
>> Could this behaviour be changed?

First of all we have to reproduce this and then we can investigate the
root cause. Maybe due the fact that you had incorrect config items in
between the workflow got broken in some way. I don't know you can try to
reproduce it with a valid old and valid new extension. But restart the
office after uninstalling the old and before the installation of the new.


> Greetings, Mathias
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