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From Bernard Marcelly <>
Subject Re: RTF parsing with OOo
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2014 14:32:57 GMT
Hello Elena,

When OpenOffice opens a text document, it looks the same from the API, be it a 
.rtf or .doc or .odt document. There is no "RTF parsing" available from the API, 
the job is done by the import filter during loading of the document.

With the API you can load a .rtf document and find if it contains a form and if 
the form contains controls of the type you want.
The explanations in the Developer's Guide are indeed very abstract (chapter 
Forms). In fact it is simply embedded containers.
- a text document has a DrawPage
- the Drawpage "contains" shapes, and gives access to a container of Forms.
- the container of Forms may contain one form, rarely several forms.
- a Form is a container of controls
- each type of control supports a specific service.

So you can explore your document and find the controls it contains.
Here is an example in OpenOffice Basic (I don't practice Java). It may help 
understand the Java examples of the Developer's Guide.

Dim aDoc As Object, aPage As Object
Dim allForms As Object, allControls As Object
Dim aForm As Object, aControl As Object
Dim x As Long, y As Long
Dim nbCheckBox As Long, nbTextF As Long, nbCtrl As Long

nbCheckBox = 0
nbTextF = 0
nbCtrl = 0
aDoc = ThisComponent

aPage = aDoc.getDrawpage()
allForms = aPage.getForms()
for x = 0 to allForms.getCount() -1
   aForm = allForms.getByIndex(x)
   nbCtrl = nbCtrl +aForm.getCount()
   for y = 0 to aForm.getCount() -1
     aControl = aForm.getByIndex(y)
     if aControl.supportsService("")  then
       nbCheckBox = nbCheckBox +1
     end if
     if aControl.supportsService("")  then
       nbTextF = nbTextF +1
     end if

MsgBox("Number of controls : " & nbCtrl & chr(13) & _
   "CheckBoxes : " & nbCheckBox & "  TextFields : " & nbTextF)


Message de Elena Sergienko  date 2014-08-21 16:49 :
> Dear OpenOffice API community,
> I have a set of RTF files. My project is to write a Java program to
> identify which of those files contain form elements like checkboxes and
> edit fields. Upon my long hours of researching online on how to do it I was
> not able to find an obvious way to parse RTF file structure and identify
> its elements besides the plain text. I installed OOo 4.1.0 and OOo SDK
> 4.1.0 hoping that it offers RTF parsing.
> Please confirm whether OOo has the relative to my problem solution, and if
> so I am hoping you can point me in the right direction.
> Thank you,
> Elena

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