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From Peter Eberlein <>
Subject COM OLE Automation bridge; property Name not supported
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2014 14:37:23 GMT

because aoo cannot open all Word docs without crashing 
(, I wanted to let 
do WinWord the job.

I need to know the names of all bookmarks.
So StarBasic looks like this:

wordInstance = CreateObject("Word.Application")
wordDoc ="c:\test.docx")
For i = 1 To wordDoc.Bookmarks.Count
	bookmark = doc.Bookmarks(i)
	msgbox bookmark.Name 'fails
	'if the property has arguments:
	msgbox bookmark.hasProperty("Name") 'false [1]
	msgbox bookmark.getValue("Name") 'property not supported

Any idea how to get the bookmarks name?
I think "Name" is a key word and can not be used in StarBasic.




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