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From Carl Marcum <>
Subject Re: [EXTENSIONS] how is the extension constructor called
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2014 00:19:18 GMT

I am cross posting to dev since the original message didn't get copied:

On 09/30/2014 09:39 AM, Amenel VOGLOZIN wrote:
> Hi Carl,
> I don't know whether it was intended behavior or not. I have ran into this problem in
an extension that I started writing in May or June and it was an issue in that the constructor
was called about as many times as i opened the menu.
> I posted a message similar to yours to this mailing list and Ariel gave me a solution
which was to use a singleton. As a result, I moved the construction code, and handlers, and
event listeners, and most of my code actually, into a helper class which implemented a Singleton
pattern. From then on, things went smoothly, with the notable exception that the application
exit event is posted as many times as there are frames opened. A specific boolean variable
can guard a code section so no problem there either.
> You might want to search the archives for Ariel's reply to my message.
> Cheers,
> -Amenel.
> Le Dimanche 28 septembre 2014 20h36, Carl Marcum <> a écrit
> Hi All,
> I was checking in to a new issue opened on the netbeans plugin. [1]
> For every menu item for the AddOn in the current context (ex Writer),
> the constructor is called then the Menu is first clicked.
> If there are 2 menu items the constructor is ran twice.
> This only happens on the first time per context opened.
> Is this expected behavior?
> [1]
> Thanks,
> Carl
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Do you remember which list the post was on?


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