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Subject [CONF] Apache Community > Changes integrate the forums into the AOOo project
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2011 11:14:00 GMT
Space: Apache Community (
Page: Changes integrate the forums into the AOOo project (

Comment added by Peter Roelofsen:

More comments on the present proposal

Quote: "The forum community divides in:

    Site Admins
    Forum Admins

That's not counting the registered users of course, but maybe you mean something different
with "community".

Quote: "Volunteers can be compared with Apache committers."

On rereading this it strikes me that many volunteers may not have a clear idea of what committers
are. So maybe we should describe what volunteers are by their actions, and add as a comment
that that description matches committers.

Proposal: "Volunteers are registered users of the forum(s) with a post count of over 200*,
who visit and post regularly, mostly help solve problems and rarely ask for help (except for
instance when they ask a question in the English forum for somebody in an nl forum), report
spam and in general show commitment to the forum(s), as opposed to regular users who may never
post at all or post infrequently, or mostly post to ask questions. Volunteers have read/write
access to the administration forums. Moderators and administrators of nl forums also get the
volunteer rank for the English forum, regardless of how often they post there."

* May be something different.

How to become a volunteer.
I'm reminded of a FAQ for the forums of a gaming website that stated: How can I apply for
moderatorship? And the answer: You can't. One sure way _not_ to become a moderator is to apply
for the situation.
Here it's not quite so bad. A moderator or volunteer will notice that a user makes significant
contributions and posts regularly, and then suggests to give the volunteer rank to that user.
Mostly everybody agrees. I feel that it's nicer to keep those discussions hidden from the
public: it adds to the pleasant surprise of being invited to join the volunteers when you
don't expect it.

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