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Subject [CONF] Apache Community > Changes integrate the forums into the AOOo project
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2011 15:25:00 GMT
Space: Apache Community (
Page: Changes integrate the forums into the AOOo project (

Comment added by Rob Weir:

Peter, we're not talking about the "role of the moderator and admin" in the legacy forums,
nor in the abstract.  We're talking specifically about the role of moderators and
admins in an Apache project.  This is critical distinction that you must appreciate
for any of this to make sense.

Joining an Apache project is entirely voluntary.  No one can force you to join. But
if you join then you need to work within the overall decision making process of how Apache
projects work.  In that process, the final authority for decision making is the Project
Management Committee (PMC).  All members of the PMC must sign and submit the iCLA. 
I understand that you disagree with that rule.  You have my sympathies. 
There are rules I don't like as well.  But that is the rule.  And this rule
is Apache-wide.  No one involved in this discussion has the authority to waive that
rule.  So, I'd recommend not dwelling on that point since it is extremely unlikely
to change. 

In any case, several forum admins and volunteers have already signed the iCLA and joined the
PPMC.  As far as I can tell their skin has not melted away.

In reply to a comment by Peter Roelofsen:
Mr. Weir, I fail to see where signing the iCLA is relevant for the role of the moderator and
admin. It's only about copyright and patenting. I have written that already, but you seem
to be politely ignoring that. 

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