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Subject [CONF] Apache Community > Changes integrate the forums into the AOOo project
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2011 18:00:00 GMT
Space: Apache Community (
Page: Changes integrate the forums into the AOOo project (

Comment added by Rob Weir:

Maybe think of it this way.  If someone had posted 100-200 posts on the ooo-users.i.a.o
list, all to answer questions from users and help them use the product better, i.e., for support,
then that person would be an obvious candidate for being voted in as a committer. 
We might have differing opinions on what the threshold number is, but I think we'd agree that
someone who is highly committed to supporting the project by supporting the users on our list,
is eligible to be a committer.

However, if that person declined to sign the iCLA, for personal reasons, we would not boot
them off the ooo-users mailing list.  We'd still welcome them as a valued members
of the community, etc.

I think the same thing applies to forum volunteers.  As a PMC we should be looking
out for merit and proposing them for committers.  But they are not required to accept
this role, if they do not want to sign the iCLA.

With moderators and admins the situation is a little different, because they have the direct
ability to enforce policy on the usage of the forum.  We need to make sure that the
PMC is the root authority for forum policy, obviously with due deference to the recommendation
of the project members who work with the forum on a daily basis.  This requires some
form of PMC oversight.  But that can take many forms.

In reply to a comment by Christian Grobmeier:
Good point.

But at least mailinglist users who are not committers (and who respond to questions too) are
not required to sign ICLA. I would say this is true for "standard" message board posters.

Only if you want to give them more rights, you would require an ICLA. In mailinglist example,
only committers can become mailinglist moderators. I think we should make this similar.

In any case, after we have found an agreement we should ask somebody who really knows about
this ICLA stuff - legal-discuss. But lets agree on "committers need to sign ICLA at least"
first. Then lets ask legal on the contributors of the forum. Just to be safe

OK for you?

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