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Subject [CONF] Apache Community > IP_Clearance Impact
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2011 13:55:00 GMT
Space: Apache Community (
Page: IP_Clearance Impact (

Change Comment:
update imapct of libwpd removal

Edited by Juergen Schmidt:
h2. IP Clearance: Impact

The following list describes the impact on GUI level of removal and replacement of libraries
as described on the [IP_Clearance] page.  Its intended purpose is to keep track of lost or
modified functionality.

|| Library || Impact ||
| lp_solve | Temporary: CoinMP is candidate for replacement\\ Menu entry removed: Calc: Tools->Solver...\\
This entry would open a dialog for solving a constrained (integer) linear equation|
| xpdf | PDF import can only be built when the poppler library is pre-installed on the system.
| MySQL Connector/C++ | MySQL connector can only be built when the C++ connector is pre-installed
on the system. |
| glibc | No impact for user. Developers can not use getopt() function to parse command line.
| SVG: librsvg, libcroco, libgsf, gdk-pixbuf, glib, gettext, pango | SVG using an external
renderer is disabled, thus this new feature for 3.4 is there but creates no visualizations
of embedded SVGs. Work for a replacement is ongoing. |
| libwpd | the WordPerfect filter ("WordPerfect Document (*.wpd)") won't be available anymore.
No *replacement* until somebody will work on a filter extension that can be installed separately

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