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Subject [CONF] Apache Community > Migration Status
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2011 13:55:00 GMT
Space: Apache Community (
Page: Migration Status (

Change Comment:
Reverted from v. 28 -- clean table structure issues, then try again

Edited by Rob Weir:
The following is a high-level summary of the migration of content and services of
from Oracle-hosted to Apache-hosted infrastructure.   Additional technical
details can be found elsewhere on the wiki.  If you have questions, concerns, or
wish to help with the migration, please send an email to

|| Service || Old URL / New URL || Plan || Date / Status ||
| Issue Tracking | [] \\  \\  []
| Migrate legacy Bugzilla database to Apache Infrastructure. Preserve existing accounts but
users need to reset their passwords per [these instructions|].
| {tip:title=*2011-09-03*} Completed {tip} |
| Source code | [] \\  \\  []
| Migrate the OOO340 feature branch to Apache Subversion as new head trunk. Code can be downloaded
per [these instructions|]. | {tip:title=*2011-06-16*}
Completed {tip} |
| User support forums | [] \\ \\ []
| Forums will be migrated this week, they could be made read only as early as Tues/Weds to
allow for a final database dump. | {tip:title=*2011-10-30*} Completed {tip} |
| [Mailing lists |] \\
| 300\+ project and user mailing lists | Legacy lists are using SYMPA list
manager software. Apache uses ezmlm.  We will create a smaller number of ezmlm lists
at Apache and assist users of the legacy lists subscribe to the new lists. Lists will be migrated
in stages, starting the week of October 30th. After migration the legacy lists will be shut
down. Complete archives will be preserved at [MarkMail |].
\\  \\
Details of the plan are [here | OOOUSERS:Mailing lists]. | {note:title=*2011-11-02*} A note
with full details on the migration was sent out to the legacy lists (translated where necessary)
but not yet all lists {note} |
| Wiki | [] \\ \\ []
| The plan is to continue using MediaWiki and to preserve the existing wiki content, but on
Apache-operated servers. [See status updates here|].
| {tip:title=*2011-10-30*} Completed {tip} |
| Extensions | [] | All extension packages are hosted
here. This is a drupal based system. \\  \\
Please report outages to [OSUOSL|]. | {note:title=*tbd*} No volunteers
have come forward {note} {note:title=*outages*} At least 5 outages haven been reported {note}
| Templates | [] | All template packages are hosted
here. This is a drupal based system. \\  \\
Please report outages to [OSUOSL|]. | {note:title=*tbd*} No volunteers
have come forward {note} {note:title=*outages*} At least 5 outages haven been reported {note}
| Archives | | | |
| Download Archives | [] \\
tbd | *Short term:* \\
Secure all releases (binary and source tarballs) up to OOo 3.3 / 3.2.1 (latest stable), OOo
3.4 Beta (latest Beta) and DEV300m106 (latest Dev Build). \\
*Long term:* \\
Buildup a little mirror network with 2-4 mirrors that provide legacy releases as it done in
the old OOo project. Then not the complete mirror network has to offer all builds (> 200
GB diskspace). | {tip:title=*Short term: 2011-10-24*} Completed \\ \\ [Archive 1 (complete)
|] \\ \\ [Archive 2 (OOo 3.2.1 and older) |]
{tip} \\
{note:title=*Long term: tdb*} tbd {note} |
| FTP Master Server | [] \\ \\
tbd | *Short term:* \\
With the shutdown of the \* domain this host will go away. This should
be OK because as long as we don't provide any new releases there is nothing that the OOo mirror
network could and should rsync to. \\  \\
*Long term:* \\
Buildup a new host so that the OOo mirror network can rsync to to get all new releases that
should be provided to the world. | {tip:title=*Short term: 2011-10-30*} Completed \\ Host
is currently not necessary {tip} \\  {note:title=*Long term: tbd*} tbd {note} |
| MirrorBrain | [] \\ \\
tbd | When we do not save this service we will loose our legacy download system how it is
currently working. The legacy OOo download website is not working with the Apache method.
It's not predictable how much effort and time is necessary to adjust it. \\ \\ *Recommendation:*
Secure the service as it is now, find a suitable server inside the ASF or - if not possible
- somewhere else (e.g., [Team e.V. |]) that
can maintain/host the service. Then copy over the VM, point the download website to this host
and the download system is up and running again. \\ \\
*Short term:* \\
Backup the VM with the original service instance and switch the download system to the [backup
server |] in case of any outage. \\ \\
*Long term:* \\
Secure the legacy OOo download system as long as possible. However, new Apache OO releases
will use the Apache Mirror system. \\ \\ | {note} No MirrorBrain \--> No downloads {note}
{note:title=*Short term: 2011-11-02*} Original service is still alive, \\ switch-over to backup
system can be done at any time, \\ backup of VM was done {note} {note:title=*Long term: tbd*}
tbd {note} |
| Services | [] | | {note:title=*2011-10-24*}
Host not reachable {note} |
| EIS | [] | This service was used to coordinate
the development work of CWSs (owner, purpose, status, etc.). | {note:title=*2011-10-24*} Host
not reachable {note} |
| QATrack | [] | This service was used to keep the
overview about which NL team is testing / has already approved which release builds. | {note:title=*2011-10-24*}
Host not reachable {note} |
| Pootle | [] | The ASF Infra are looking at what is
needed for a general all projects pootle server. Note there is one now installed but not yet
ready for service, give infra a month or so. | {note:title=*2011-11-28*} Next update next
week {note} |
| QUASTe | [] | This service was used to show the current
testing results of CWSs and master code. | {note:title=*2011-10-24*} Host not reachable {note}
| TCM | []
| This service was used to provide a platform to the NL teams to coordinate the feature/language
specific features. | {note:title=*2011-10-24*} Host not reachable {note} |
| OOo website | [] and native-lang versions \\  \\  []
| Copy over all website files and buildup a new structure to present the same content and
features when ASF is hosting the website. A staging site is being built and it will be editable
via the Apache CMS. | {note:title=*2011-10-24*} Many files already migrated {note} {note:title=*2011-09-15*}
Staging site has been requested: \\  [] {note} |
| Registration | | In OOo see the menu "Help - Registration". | {note:title=*2011-10-24*}
No decision yet {note} |
| Product Update Service (PUS) | []
| In OOo see the menu "Help - Check for Updates". \\  \\
More details in the [Wiki |].
| {note:title=*2011-10-24*} No decision yet {note} |
| Online Update for Extensions | []
| In OOo see the menu "Help - Check for Updates". | {note:title=*2011-10-24*} No decision
yet {note} |
| Improvement Program | | In OOo see the menu "Tools - Options - OOo - Improvement Program".
| {note:title=*2011-10-24*} No decision yet {note} |
| Crash Reporter | [] | Before OOo is crashing it tries
to collect important data (e.g., Platform/OS version, OOo build ID, loaded libraries, but
of course no personal data) and send it via Internet to a server. This helps the developers
to analyze the crash, identify the root cause and if possible to fix it. | {note:title=*2011-10-24*}
No decision yet {note} |

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