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Subject [CONF] Apache Community > Update OOo Bugzilla account to Apache OpenOffice Bugzilla
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 20:19:00 GMT
Space: Apache Community (
Page: Update OOo Bugzilla account to Apache OpenOffice Bugzilla (

Added by Regina Henschel:
--------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugzilla has moved from Oracle to Apache. If you want to continue using it,
you need to take some action. If you have not confirmed your password yet, go to step 1, otherwise
go directly to step 2.

h1. Step 1: Confirming your password
# Go to the Apache OpenOffice Bugzilla home
# Click on _Forgot Password_.
# You will get a mail to the address you have used when you have created the account. Follow
the instructions. Your login is still an address of kind up to now.

Bugzilla knows you again now and you can perform step 2.

h1. Step 2: Changing the mail address

At that time when you got an account for Bugzilla, you got a publicly visible login in the
form It looks like a mail address, but it has not been a true email account.
All messages had been forwarded to your real, hidden mail address. This service will discontinue
with the move of OOo Bugzilla to Apache. Now login mail address and real mail address need
to be the same. This new mail address will be no longer hidden but *publicly visible*. There
is no way to alter this login later on. So be cautious in your choice of the mail address.

How to change:
# Login with your login and the actual password.
# Click on the link _Preferences_ or the icon _User Preferences_.
# Click on the link _Account Information_.
# Enter your password in the field _password_ to confirm that you are authorized to alter
the entries.
# Enter the mail address you want to use for AOO Bugzilla in the field /??/ and click on _Submit
# You will get two emails. One mail goes to your old email address. It informs you, that “someone”
wants to alter the account. The second email goes to your newly chosen email address. This
one is for to confirm, that you really want this change, and that the new email address exists.
Follow the instruction in that mail.

This changes will not only set a new email address, but will convert all issues where you
are mentioned as to your new login. So you can continue to watch these issues
as you had done before.

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