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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > AOO 3.4 QA Weekly Status Report As of 2012.3.26
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2012 09:01:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: AOO 3.4 QA Weekly Status Report As of 2012.3.26 (

Added by xia zhao:
Hi all,

*AOO 3.4 Overall QA Status:*
Based on the test plan:,
I can say that the planned work are 100% done.
100% IP clearance testing have been done. These are the tests of areas most impacted by removed/replaced
modules due to IP clearance.
100% general testing have been done. These are general functional tests.

*AOO 3.4 QA Weekly Status Report as of 2012/3/26 (2012/3/19 - 2012/3/26):*
Test build: dev snapshot builds: Rev. r1303653 
Test Platforms: Windows XP SP3, Mac Lionn, Ubuntu 10.04, Redhat 6.1, Windows 7 SP1
Test Cases Executed:
So far, for rev 1303653, Windows and Mac full langauges pakcages are ready for testing. And
for english package, it is ready for Windows, Linux RPM/DEB and Mac.
The testing we did this week are:
1. Installation testing, cover clean and upgrade
2. Extension testing
3. Some globalization testing
4. Some translation issues tracking

For Interoperability automaiton testing, one scenaro is added:
* Saving MS 2010 files to MS 2003 format and reopen by AOO 3.4
And more MS 2010 sample files are added:
Tested total 3000+ files with will be tested, the testing is ongoing based on latest dev build
The test scenarios cover:

* Load
* Save
* Reopen

*Defects Summary:*
So far 383 defects raised against 3.4beta, AOO dev and 3.4m0. If we count the defects from
1th Aug. of last year, it means the about date we call "AOO 3.4", the total defects number
is 294.
Among the 383 defects, 53 critical defects raised and 18 ones remain opening now.
Still 3 remaining release blockers left to be fixed before propose RC build. 
119114 	blo 	P2 	Wind 	ACCE 	--- 	Extension manager: Crash on 'Show
all updates'
119097 	nor 	P3 	All 	REOP 	--- 	IP clearance: remove xwphook and its usage
119098 	nor 	P3 	All 	CONF 	--- 	check/adapt license header based on RAT output
and SGA
3 bugs found. 

23 defects raised in this week,and 14 defects closed.

Based on previous testing and my daily usage on AOO 3.4, so far we can say that:
The stability is ok.
The interoperability with MS Office seems fine.
The basic functions work fine.
The extension is one weak area.

Besides,the accessibility, globalizaiton may have some problems. The general testing in community
focus on installability, basic fucntions, interoperability, extension etc. Also some old OOs
term also exist on web site, dialog etc. We need confirm when these string replacement will

The high risk for AOO 3.4 is during the migration from OO to AOO, many test cases lost and
no one large automation suite can be used for regression testing now. So again I appreciate
and thakns for everyone's contribution to QA works.
If you have interesting in QA work and decide to contribute to it, please go to AOO 3.4 main
Get dev build from:
Write your case by edit this page:
And place your result:
Or you may just do general testing based on your usage without test cases or testing result
and just raise defects in Bugzilla directly:
Any contribution is welcome and can contribute to this project's success!

Besides, I created entry for project reporting on below wiki:

Uner it, you can get detail AOO 3.4 QA weekly status reports from this page:

*Now more and more QA peoples are involved in AOO projects and it gives me not only the confidence
to verify the quality of AOO 3.4, but more about contributing to AOO quality.*

Best Regards,


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