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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > AOO 3.5 Release Planning
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2012 09:00:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: AOO 3.5 Release Planning (

Added by Juergen Schmidt:
The AOO 3.5 release is a *minor* release with focus on bug fixes and enhancements, improvements
and features with no or small UI changes. 

On this page we provide detailed information regarding the release, what is going into it
and the status is. The status can be tracked highlevel for example by using the colors {highlight:green}ok/done,{highlight}{highlight:yellow}in
progress{highlight}and {highlight:red}open/missing{highlight}.

More detailed description (as base for documentation, QA, development) should be provided
on demand on linked sub-pages. And a corresponding Bugzilla ID should be provided for detailed

h3. Queries used to track 3.5 relevant issues

h3. Highlevel overview

|| Component || Feature/Enhancement || Abstract || Volunteer(s) || Status || Task-ID ||
| | | | | | |

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