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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > Help Wanted
Date Sun, 01 Jul 2012 21:17:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: Help Wanted (

Edited by Rob Weir:
We are looking for volunteers to do the following tasks. But please do not feel limited to
these items.   For inspiration on other ideas we recommend reading "[14
Ways to Contribute to Open Source without Being a Programming Genius or a Rock Star|]."

If you are interested in working on any of these items, please send a  note to the
list and we can give you hints  on how to accomplish the task.

h2. Easy

# *Submit feedback about the product or website(s).* Subscribe to the [users mailing list|]
or the [developer mailing list|]. Skills needed:
# *Submit problem reports about the product or website(s)*. Register for a an [Apache OpenOffice
Bugzilla|] account and submit an
"issue". Skills needed: ability to learn Bugzilla.
# *Help existing users*. Skills needed: a working knowledge of OpenOffice, and a desire to
help other users. Subscribe to the [users mailing list|],
or join the [support forum|].
# *Test Developer Builds*. See [the source code page|]
for more information on testing developer builds. The easiest way to test is to use "Full
Installation Sets" for your OS environment. Install to a separate area (directory) so as not
to overwrite your existing OOo installation.
# *Improve the look of the our website(s)*, especially the default [landing page|]. 
Skills needed: graphic design, web design, good taste, possible svn.  Skills gained:
Markdown syntax, Apache CMS. (Also see the [Website information page|]
and [Developer FAQ|] ).
# *Help market Apache OpenOffice* by developing artwork or other marketing materials. See
the [marketing web site|] or review the [marketing mailing
list|] for more information. Get
# *Help plan the future of Apache OpenOffice.* Subscribe to the [developer mailing list|]
and apply for a [Apache OpenOffice Planning Wiki account|].
Skills needed: e-mail, Confluence wiki desirable (but easy to learn). Skills gained: Confluence
wiki, cooperation.

h2. Medium

# *Write Documentation.* This includes user guides, install guides and developer documentation.
Documentation is found in the documentation area of the OpenOffice wiki.
To participate through the OpenOffice wiki, register for an [Apache OpenOffice Community wiki
Skills needed: familiarity with Media Wiki. Skills gained: more wiki experience, group collaboration.
# Update the [OpenOffice Administration Guide|].
# *Develop a trademark approval process.* This would be used by the PPMC for external entities
that want to use our trademarks.  Write up the process, review with Apache Branding, and get
consensus on the ooo-dev list.  Add the process definition to the Community FAQ's on the website.
 Things to consider include criteria for approval and record keeping.  A good starting point
might be [this |] email.  Skills gained: greater
understanding of Apache branding requirements.
# *Write up a tutorial (or link to a good existing one) that explains how new project volunteers
should create and submit patches* (for publication on the Project website). Skills needed:
an understanding of Markdown and probably committer rights to the project website. (Already
somewhat done on the [Developer FAQs page|]
# *Write up a tutorial on how committers should review and apply patches.*  Add a
link to this tutorial from the [Developer FAQs|]
page.  Skills needed: SVN, technical writing.  Skills gained: Apache CMS.
# *Document the procedures used by the PPMC.* This would include the processes: how to elect
new committers and PPMC members, including form letters, userid generation, tracking, etc. 
Link it from the [PPMC FAQs|] page
on the website. Consider the steps that the PPMC needs to do, as well as the new committer,
so this can be a reference for both.  Skills needed: writing.  Skills gained:
Apache CMS.  Note: this task is suitable for existing PPMC members only.

h2. *Challenging*

# *Document or find tools*. Specifically, external diff and merge tools for Subversion that
can process ODF documents.
# *Fix bugs, create and update OpenOffice.* Skills needed: an [Apache OpenOffice Bugzilla
account|], subversion (svn) knowledge,
 C+\+ (Apache OpenOffice is mainly written in C++, though there is some code in Java and Python).
See [the Developer FAQ|] to get
# *Build ApacheOffice from source*. We can use feedback on the build process. Skills needed
include familiarity with C++, and your system's batch or shell processing capabilities. 
See the [Source Control|] page for more
information on obtaining and building Apache OpenOffice.

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