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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > AOO 3.5 Release Notes
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 01:55:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: AOO 3.5 Release Notes (

Change Comment:
Added number of resolved issues as of today (2012/10/04)

Edited by Keith N. McKenna:
h2. General Remarks

The Apache OpenOffice 3.5 is a *minor* release with bug fixes, enhancements, improvement and
new features with smaller or no UI changes.

h2. New Features

None at this time

h2. Enhancements and Improvements

h3. Performance Improvements/Enhancements

None at this time

h3. Other Improvements/Enhancements

h4. Conversion from Metafiles to draw objects ('Break'):

This useful conversion (e.g. also applicable to SVG objects) did not take Clip Regions into
account, thus leading to bad looking results. This is greatly extended to use Clip Regions,
so breaking inserted SVG or Metafile data to drawing objects is much more useful now. This
can be used to further edit graphic data in Apache OpenOffice which was not editable before.

h4. Bitmap fill style supports transparency:

When filling graphic objects with fill style bitmap it is now possible to use bitmaps with
transparency. In former versions, transparency was not supported and the fill bitmap was forced
to a white background. This works in all combinations, e.g. tiled bitmaps.

h4. Export to PNG supports transparency:

When exporting selected drawing objects to PNG Apache OpenOffice now does this by default
with transparent background. This allows now to further use graphics created in other applications
or for further processing.

h4. Better conversion to Bitmap:

When converting one or multiple selected drawing objects to bitmap, transparency is now taken
into account whenever possible. No longer is a extra line added to the bottom and/or right
side of the created graphic, thus making the result more usable for further processing.

h4. Connectors support rotation:

Connectors do no longer disable rotation (and shear) tools when selected. While this is minor
useful for single connectors, it is very useful when selecting a number of graphic objects
and want to rotate them. This was requested in the [OpenOffice Community Forum|],
a user wanted to rotate a drawing made of many draw objects and many connectors by 90 degrees.
This is now possible without deselecting the connectors which is no fun when you have a lot
of them selected.

h4. Support relative Pie Chart Height:

For Pie charts imported from other formats, the Height attribute was not supported. This is
added now and makes Pie Charts look more as the original.

h4. Corrected Hatch fill style visualization:

When zooming out or in small visualizations (e.g. Page Previews) objects or pages using a
hatch fill style were bad visualized since too many hatch lines had to be shown in too tight
place. The Hatch Fill Style now uses a minimal line distance to make it look good for visualizations
in Edit Views. This was already the case in older office versions, but was lost in the redesign
of the visualization.

h2. Additional Language Support

h3. New translations available in Apache OpenOffice 3.5 include:

* None at this time

h3. Updated translations available in Apache OpenOffice 3.5 include:

* None at this time.

h4. For a complete list of available languages and language packs see: Languages|

h2. Additional Platform Support

* None at this time.

h2. Bug Fixes

As of <2012/10/04, there were 96 verified issues that have been resolved.

This list can be found at: [FIXED|]

You will need an OpenOffice Bugzilla login to view it.

(An [OpenOffice Bugzilla|] login will enable you to search for
any bugs that may interest you.)

h3. Important bug fixes have been made in these areas:

* None at this time.

h3. The QE team has been tracking additional fixes as well. See their complete reports at:


h2. Known Issues

h2. Stay informed about Apache OpenOffice

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receive important notifications such as product updates and security patches.&nbsp; To
subscribe you can send an email to:&nbsp; [|].

You can also follow the project on [Twitter|!/apacheoo], [Facebook|]
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