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Subject svn commit: r1392435 - in /incubator/ooo/pmc/brainstorming: ./ google-moderator.csv
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2012 16:43:13 GMT
Author: robweir
Date: Mon Oct  1 16:43:12 2012
New Revision: 1392435

Snapshot of ideas from


Added: incubator/ooo/pmc/brainstorming/google-moderator.csv
--- incubator/ooo/pmc/brainstorming/google-moderator.csv (added)
+++ incubator/ooo/pmc/brainstorming/google-moderator.csv Mon Oct  1 16:43:12 2012
@@ -0,0 +1,1106 @@
+Series URL,Series Name,Topic Name,Time Created,Author Name,Author Location,Text,Attachment URL,Tags,Plus Votes,Minus Votes
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-24 09:11:38 GMT,adithya,hyderabad,"i am a great admirer of openoffice.
+although i use odf format for my documents, sometimes it becomes inevitable to save in microsoft format.
+so i request you to add the latest 2010/2013 microsoft formats(being able to edit and save to docx/xlsx/pptx)",,,189,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-07-26 10:42:49 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA","Improve interoperability with reading Microsoft Office 2007-2013 files (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX)",,,306,13
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-21 04:49:41 GMT,ladyway,barcelona,Add the possibility to rotate inserted images or pictures.,,,106,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-07-27 06:38:33 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA","Incremental update mechanism, so users do not need to download and apply a complete install image each time there is a minor product update.",,,236,13
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-21 18:26:14 GMT,Simon,"Beijing, China","Improved User Interface (toolbar, sidebar...) that focus on easing for the most frequent user scenarios with friend UI of self-guide and minimized number of clicks.",,,67,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-26 09:57:35 GMT,Al,,Please have Open Office have the ability to save documents in .docx!,,,102,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-07-26 10:41:54 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA","Improve interoperability with reading Microsoft Office XP-2003 binary files (DOC, XLS, PPT)",,,152,9
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-22 05:29:49 GMT,Sabrina,UK,"Market AOO into schools (they'll need an online handbook) - they're spending a fortune on Office, and teaching children only how to use M Office. Homework is expected to be done in M Office.....",,,162,11
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-27 02:05:06 GMT,TheAusi,Netherlands,Make it possible to copy / paste multiple cells in Calc and paste them as table in Write or visa versa.,,,68,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 12:41:52 GMT,LO,USA,"Provide more features for master documents, and make them easier to use. For instance, simplify the creation and management of the automatic table of contents feature, and improve the feature so that it incorporates formatting (e.g., italics, etc.).",,,145,10
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 14:08:19 GMT,John,New Jersey,"Speed up load time.  It's very slow to load compared to other programs, especially MS Office.",,,176,14
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 10:03:53 GMT,RoryOF,Ireland,"Allow Parallel pages/columns, as often needed for analysis of comparative texts.",,,39,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-07-27 01:08:19 GMT,RGB-es,,"Make page breaks more visible and ""interactive"". There is a detailed feature request for this here:
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-23 06:12:20 GMT,Liam,Canada,Optimize AOO for performance and stability for greater usability.,,,102,7
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-21 13:34:09 GMT,John,Maine,"Excel offers the ability to cut a row or column and then insert it elsewhere.
+Calc requires creating blank row or column and then copy and paste and go back and delete original row/column.  Many extra steps.",,,56,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-14 18:09:14 GMT,Yorick,NZ,"Improve the ""Mail Merge"" functionality to make it more user friendly",,,101,8
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-07-26 10:43:25 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA","Improve interoperability with writing Microsoft Office 2007-2013 files (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX)",,,115,10
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-24 10:21:24 GMT,neurojohn,Utah,Please keep the ability to drag and drop hyperlinks from both websites and local documents.  This is a major (IMO) advantage over Microsoft products (which require setting up a hyperlink to local docs).,,,73,5
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-29 01:57:22 GMT,Ed2,London,"Don't leave unpacked installation files on Windows desktop after installation has finished.  If they might be needed then put them in the installation folder, if not then delete them automatically.",,,77,6
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-30 15:06:28 GMT,Twilight,washington state,make it possable to delete words from your dictionary that you mistakenly added,,,28,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 12:33:54 GMT,dkistner1111,"Mineral Bluff, GA","When exporting to PDF, retain already-saved status of ODT file. Now, when exporting to PDF, the ""Save"" status returns to unsaved even though no changes have been made in the ODT file. Saving again creates uncertainty with the date-stamping.",,,37,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-30 03:42:04 GMT,LonMcGregor,"Glenrothes, Scotland","Given that the software can export natively to a pdf file, it would be good to have it natively import, and allow editing of pdf files. this already exists as a user-made extension/add-on, so there is proof that it is a feasible idea.",,,37,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-01 10:51:58 GMT,Sora,,"We recommend that in the next version of our OpenOpenffice add compatibility with the Microsoft Office 2.007 formats (read,keep and edit), [DOCX,XLSX,PPTX].",,,66,5
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 14:05:59 GMT,M,FL,Be able to open *.docx files.,,,44,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-21 13:21:45 GMT,Buzz999m,Wales,"CorelDraw has its toolbars change automatically depending on what it is possible to do at the time.
+Can you do this in all the OpenOffice programs.
+It keeps all the toolbars that we are all used to. Much better than the Microsoft Ribbon!",,,44,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 15:30:51 GMT,apastori,"Montevideo, Uruguay","We need a ""draft view"", like the one in MS Word, with the possibility to view footnotes in a separated window. This feature is extremely helpful when writing an academic paper, for instance.",,,27,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-27 09:44:50 GMT,caresia,Bolzano,Add the option of save the used font in the Open Document file.,,,71,6
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-22 17:59:54 GMT,Chrysoberyl,"MO, USA","Improve interoperability with all printers. Currently the print dialog favors some unspecified printer-type by adding a 2.19 inch margin above the landscape body of a Number 10 envelope, for example, a painful rework for center-fed printers.",,,71,6
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 13:48:05 GMT,Bob,"Corte Madera, CA","Ability to show all or portions of 2 spreadsheets side by side, if that capability is not already available.",,,82,8
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Impress,2012-08-21 13:07:50 GMT,Robert,Indiana,Allow saving new slide layouts.,,,26,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-21 18:01:55 GMT,MikeW,Victoria BC,"I find that dragging data from one cell to another is very inconsistent.  When you click and hold, only sometimes does the pointer show the square indicating that it has got it.  Improve the working of this simple step.",,,26,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 14:34:36 GMT,JT,"Bakersfield, CA","Please, improve the time for opening the application. It usually takes close to a minute to get it opened as opposed to Microsoft Office.",,,90,10
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 12:24:10 GMT,tomkeb,Czech Republic,"Better support of fonts – OpenType features (ligatures, number spacing and forms, stylistic sets…), true small caps…",,,25,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-22 13:20:21 GMT,topdog,United States,CSV import needs the ability to specify the time and date format. Assuming that the formats used in the CSV match the default OO format is insensitive to users in a multinational environment. (Calc and Base),,,65,6
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-24 13:20:13 GMT,Andrusha,,Add ability to create ebooks for Kindle / Nook etc.,,,52,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 12:38:54 GMT,WebWeaver64,Chicagoland,Color picker. Ability to use more colors with html color codes.,,,75,8
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 12:25:13 GMT,Rob Davis,"Houston, TX","It would be great to have cloud-based storage of one's spelling dictionary. Those of us who use multiple computers and devices, and who use frequent specialized terms (such as in the medical field) would love not to re-train Writer on each machine.",,,31,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-08-21 23:53:48 GMT,h.attila,Budapest,The report-designer insert subreport.,,,23,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 17:49:56 GMT,jdavies5,"Evans Head, Australia","For book and thesis writers, improve long document stability,
+incorporation of bibliography and footnote citations
+be able to add in chapters with automatic pagination.
+Excellent and valuable software.",,,23,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-09 14:30:04 GMT,RGB-es,,"Support for OpenType features (ligatures, contextual substitution, etc.)",,,71,8
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-24 02:18:02 GMT,Elishai,Herzlia,make it easier to have both portrait and landscape pages in the same document,,,22,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-07-27 01:59:23 GMT,RGB-es,,"Make Autocomplete language sensitive. Right now, if you work on a multilingual document Autocomplete will suggest words even if they belong to a language different from the language set on the destination paragraph, which is wrong.",,,22,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-21 12:51:15 GMT,Ed,New York City,"Create a tutorial for each of the major application areas (Writer, Spreadsheet, etc.) to ease the learning curve for new users.  
+While it is possible to read the Help material, it isn't very helpful for new users - it assumes too much",,,34,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-26 01:17:38 GMT,harish,chennai,color palette is a problem in open office...use more colors to choose like microsoft office starting from lighter to darker shades of same color..,,,45,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-22 02:34:00 GMT,JC,Hong Kong,"When using copy and paste function to copy a web page onto a document, the picture contained inside that web page should also be copied over instead of just a link created pointing to the original picture. This would allow offline viewing later.",,,54,6
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-27 09:49:29 GMT,caresia,Bolzano,Better compatibility when importing/exporting Word calculed field.,,,20,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-08-24 00:28:29 GMT,Nocton,UK,"Incorporate the Oracle Report Builder (or similar) into Base.
+The in-built report builder lacks features, so one has to use the Oracle report Builder extension.",,,20,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-23 06:26:20 GMT,Elishai,Herzlia,"introduce a ""my favorite fonts"" list instead of choosing from a million fonts",,,20,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 14:27:29 GMT,Liam,Canada,Make Open Office available for Android devices.,,,85,13
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-14 18:08:02 GMT,Yorick,NZ,Tabbed document interface a'la Symphony would be a good point of difference.,,,43,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-07-26 10:42:17 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA","Improve interoperability with writing Microsoft Office XP-2003 binary files (DOC, XLS, PPT)",,,57,7
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-21 14:22:56 GMT,Liam,Canada,Simplify the file menu by group similar functions into one options window.,,,26,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 21:32:32 GMT,drewkeller,,Add real-time co-authoring (simultaneous editing) and collaboration features.,,,61,8
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-23 06:17:10 GMT,Elishai,Herzlia,"improve header/footer capabilities, for example easier way to put pictures in header/footer",,,19,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Demographic,2012-08-22 10:50:53 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA","I save my documents in ODF format (*.odt, *.ods, *.odp)",,,31,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-27 12:29:02 GMT,lebradeur,"Rennes, France","store user preference, at least in the document, for graphic forms (rectangles, elipses, arrows) colors, thickness etc.. It is quite a loss of time to always have to redefine the same thing.",,,46,5
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-22 02:10:08 GMT,MickeyIT,"Riva d/G, Italy","Display some kind of symbol in the text where there is a bookmark 
+defined and highligth the text into the bookmark, like MSWord ( Many times users accidentally delete a bookmark or write into...",,,25,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-21 13:19:42 GMT,Bob,,"Add the option of data filtering criteria such as cell colour, font colour and special characters. Sorting/filtering flexibility can be increased as a result. Also, another level of compatibility with MS Excel would result.",,,25,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-23 06:47:47 GMT,Elishai,Herzlia,"add ""find duplicates"" check for Writer or Calc tables",,,50,6
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-08-23 00:43:30 GMT,Ammammata,Italy,"a more flex tool to create report based on a query, a more simple procedure to create a button to start it, with options like ""this record only"". I have many MS Access procedures I'd like to move to OO but I got lost on the web trying to sort it out",,,18,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-22 05:12:40 GMT,Ed2,London,"Easier way to access hidden columns, such as a menu or dialog list of all hidden columns with options to individually unhide them temporarily or permanently.",,,18,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-22 13:15:26 GMT,topdog,United States,"Please! Add the ability to specify default time and date formats that are independent of the users local. Current versions assume that the user's local settings will give the desired date and time formats, but that is not always true.",,,44,5
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-22 03:07:15 GMT,madu,"Chur, Schweiz",More conditional formating of cells - min. 10,,,24,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-25 13:50:23 GMT,MiguelOCarvajal,"Miami, Florida",Allow multiple users to edit the same document. This is currently a big plus to using Google Docs and would be great if we could do it in AOO.,,,39,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 20:24:58 GMT,Mark W,"Lodi, CA","Wish there were a tilde in the special characters. Also would like to be able to create a TM by typing this (TM) as we could in 3.xx. These are very small but I constantly use them and miss them in the current version.
+Thanks for your excellent work.",,,48,6
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Demographic,2012-08-22 10:48:08 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA",I use OpenOffice at home,,,29,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-29 07:34:32 GMT,KatherineD,"Mountain View, CA","Improve text flow around images, there needs to be a way to break text flow at a point in the text so that the next paragraph is not flowed but reset.  Right now I have to use tables for image-instruction formatting, lame.",,,29,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-25 03:47:04 GMT,vanickone,"Bishkek, KG","Add ability to import and edit PDF natively!
+I am impressed of OpenOffice! 
+Thanks a lot!",,,33,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Draw,2012-07-27 00:54:41 GMT,RGB-es,,"Add an ""Apply"" button or a ""preview mode"" to drawing properties menus. Right now, if you need to change size, position, etc of a drawing object when you click OK the dialogue close so you'll need to reopen it several times for the ""fine tuning"".",,,17,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-07-27 01:48:44 GMT,RGB-es,,"Insert a cross reference to a heading or object by Drag-n-drop from the navigator.
+Right now you can insert hyperlinks or copies this way: adding the possibility to insert cross references too will be really useful.",,,17,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-30 15:11:29 GMT,Twilight,washington state,update the dictionary more often,,,17,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 21:31:00 GMT,htcs,Australia,"There should be a basic picture manager/editor plugin or tool - crop, rotate, resize, import and export.",,,17,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-01 16:35:56 GMT,Sora,,We recommend that in the next version of our OpenOffice add too the compatibility with Microsoft Office 2.010 formats and add automatic updates service.,,,37,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-22 01:17:06 GMT,Ed2,London,"Make the toolbar overflow more like a subtoolbar rather than a menu. This is more consistent with the rest of the toolbar, and more functional. Some similar programs already do this.",,,22,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 14:20:33 GMT,philb202,uk,Writer -Make word count available in general writing view not just from tools drop down and assign function key.,,,22,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-07-27 00:45:45 GMT,RGB-es,,"The info about which style is used is scattered trough Writer's window: paragraph on top left, page on bottom, character only on Stylist. IMO it will be really helpful to have either a new toolbar or docker combining all style info on ONE place",,,22,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-23 05:38:57 GMT,Elishai,Herzlia,better visual indication of page breaks in Writer and hidden cells in Calc,,,22,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-07-27 08:03:31 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA",Ability to store by preferences (like templates and spell checking custom words) in the cloud so I can access them automatically from any machine.,,,52,8
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-08-27 09:19:22 GMT,caresia,Bolzano,"Add a function, to simply create ""Query-by-form"".",,,16,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Math - Formula,2012-07-27 01:33:08 GMT,RGB-es,,Syntax highlight on Math editor. Maybe with auto-completion?,,,16,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-07-27 06:37:37 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA",Support font embedding,,,51,8
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 12:50:15 GMT,DGodbey,"Norfolk, VA, USA","Include Document encryption capabilities for all document files produced by Writer, Calc, Chart, Draw, Math, Impress, and Base.",,,51,8
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-25 01:51:04 GMT,aldepas,Murcia (España),Posibilidad de guardar en formato epub (con asistente de configuración de parámetros),,,21,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-08-24 14:48:31 GMT,sutek,Warszawa,"Base should offer many other query types, which could insert, update or delete touples as MS Access does. This is absolutely essential, I think.",,,21,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-07-26 12:05:25 GMT,Salomon,"Brasília, DF, Brasil","Redesign user interface to provide a more ""modern"" look and feel.",,,64,12
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-22 04:45:26 GMT,GridLokx,"Adelaide, SA",The return of the ability to open/read and manipulate accessible pdf files.,,,53,9
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-21 03:00:08 GMT,Kieran,London UK,"Android! 
+Openoffice needs to make it onto the fastest growing platform in tablet and mobile computing. .... no new features in the constituent apps but on Android... using Skydrive, google drive free cloud ... Openoffice will increase it's reach.",,,34,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-07-28 06:56:07 GMT,RGB-es,,"Improve AOO own file picker by adding the possibility to set bookmarks for most common used folders, like the ""Places"" on KDE's file picker.",,,25,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Math - Formula,2012-07-27 01:31:10 GMT,RGB-es,,"Add an ""Insert special character"" menu for Math. For casual usage of a couple of special characters defining a new symbol is overkilling: a quick menu to insert symbols as text will be really useful",,,15,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Impress,2012-08-22 03:36:15 GMT,NitinBetharia,"Nagpur, India",More smooth and easy integration (cut & paste) with/from Calc.,,,15,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-23 02:07:43 GMT,Doug H,"Calgary, AB, CA","Restore the recent documents list in the Windows 7 Start menu.
+Sun/Oracle's version of Open Office had the recent document list in the start menu. This allowed me to open a recent document faster than the current version of Open Office.",,,37,5
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-24 01:29:57 GMT,Bruce N. Goren,"San Francisco, CA","Integrated thesaurus please, used to be able to to right click and choose a synonym, seems broken or missing now.",,,29,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-26 01:15:19 GMT,Sunil,Banglore,"While copying data from browser to Open office, It is taking lot of time even for a line, Some times not responding. becuase of this issue I am loosing the data.",,,29,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Impress,2012-08-21 14:17:46 GMT,Stanco,"Kitchener, Canada",I would like the ability to easily add sound files to my presentations.,,,20,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-21 22:46:59 GMT,Victor S,Argentina,"Add Paste Text, Paste Number and Paste Formula to the Context Menu, either directly or through a cascading menu like they did in LibreOffice 3.6.",,,20,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-22 12:24:36 GMT,MikeW,Victoria BC,"When OpenOffice starts, the options on the opening title do not include Recent Documents.  While you can get them through the File menu, it would be easier if it were there as an option",,,51,9
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-07-27 01:16:41 GMT,RGB-es,,"Build a ""First run center"" that replace the start center only on first run, providing some info and quick links to important settings that needs to be configured by the user.
+Details here
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 13:39:32 GMT,Sam,,"Improve & simply macros. Enable macros to chain & have macros within macros. Also make search and replace simplified and mix words, paragraph endings, fonts, spaces and other items. In the '90s I used a DOS version of WordPerfict that was great.",,,43,7
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-21 12:43:09 GMT,Zerowaster,,"Numbered lists are usually a headache even in MS Office. Instead of fixing indents and numbers the way you really want, you have to be clever, have lots of experience, use the backspace and delete selectively.. Perhaps a manual mode would be useful.",,,28,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 17:14:55 GMT,norm8iv,"Marshfield, WI","Create tutorials for each application - adding them to the help function - to give at least a basic guide for how to use each application. Not all of us are computer nerds, and might like to learn how to use applications other than Writer and Calc.",,,39,6
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 14:07:59 GMT,Stanco,"Kitchener, Canada","In writer, I would like the ability to templates for business cards and labels (such as Avery labels.)  This feature was included in Wordperfect which I found very useful and would like to see it in Open Office.",,,19,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Impress,2012-08-22 05:21:32 GMT,Sabrina,UK,"Better integration with Powerpoint. I'm being pressured by child's school to buy PP, for homework to be done at home and finished in school. Impress doesn't import into PP properly (probably PP's fault?).",,,19,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 14:45:03 GMT,martago,Lisbon,"Ability to create a tabbed document in Writer, similar to what you can do with Calc.  This could be an important feature, where you can divide a text document by main subjects, i.e. months, names, subjects, etc.",,,19,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-08-21 13:28:03 GMT,Bob,,"I'd like to see the addition of some form of macro creation (like autoexec from MS Access). They would be considered objects similar to tables, forms and queries.",,,19,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-09-26 08:03:43 GMT,Andrei,Russia,Redesign of buttons on toolbar,,,14,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 10:00:06 GMT,RoryOF,Ireland,"Develop the Impress Presentation Minimizer functionality so that it can apply to a Writer document, making an optimised version for a target printer.",,,14,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-07-27 01:46:22 GMT,RGB-es,,"Add a ""text filter"" to Insert → Field → Other → Cross reference tab. This will help a lot on long documents with lots of headings",,,14,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-22 05:41:08 GMT,JayCee,Norwich UK,Could we please have  the means to set any sheet or document to open in the same size window and position that the particular sheet/document was last saved in.,,,14,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-23 06:54:39 GMT,Pandora,Ecuador,"Hello. Please, improve the velocity for work with images. When I work with images in a AOo document, it freezes a while, that's not good.
+Thanks :D",,,31,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 13:22:32 GMT,Phil J,Ireland,Have tab feature in it like in Lotus. Also please speed it up or consider a lighter version for older computers and netbooks,,,45,8
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-23 02:10:56 GMT,Sigurd,Norway,"We need a more user-friendly design. Adding f.ex. page numbers is terrible. The top line is grey, boring and old lookign. A redesign is necessary. Use the blue OpenOffice-colours and make it great looking. Working with tables isn't that great either",,,27,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-25 10:51:14 GMT,afb,home,Real support for VBA macros. You need a lenguage as simple and easy to use as VBA. 90% of the people that I know don't use Openoffice because the don't know how to make macros or how to translate their VBA macros into the program.,,,30,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Impress,2012-07-27 08:02:20 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA","""Prezi"" style presentations, where a slide can be a panned and zoomed area of a larger drawing:",,,18,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-24 23:37:09 GMT,Александр Ш.,"Мариуполь, Украина",Use Mock-Ups from Paulo Jose O. Amaro,,,22,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-09-23 23:05:09 GMT,Sharpdog,"Medford, OR","*** Upgrade-Installation instructions ***
+So many software packages, when you want to install the newest version, will not check and uninstall previous versions. At least let us know if we should uninstall the old versions, or offer to do it for us.",,,13,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Impress,2012-09-04 01:51:33 GMT,RyanBram,Indonesia,"Add option to embeding multimedia files in presentation (such as video and music), so we will get single .odp presentation file instead of bringing the media files together with the presentation file.",,,13,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Impress,2012-08-21 14:26:29 GMT,Liam,Canada,"An easy method to embed, manage, and set playtime on different kinds of video in presentations.",,,13,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 13:15:14 GMT,White Phoenix,"Ypsilanti, MI",Streamline / coördinate the various methods of creating default outline styles. It is confusing as it is right now as it is difficult to tell which defined style is actually being used by the document.,,,13,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-23 05:06:33 GMT,Elishai,Herzlia,Use drop menu with check boxes for data filtering.,,,17,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Impress,2012-08-25 09:46:34 GMT,regina,Germany,Make SVG animation work in Impress.,,,17,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-31 12:18:18 GMT,mastros,"Caracas, VE",Make contextual menus or context sensitivity more dynamic. you can include adding more common command and latest command as an active option.,,,28,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-25 17:25:44 GMT,Justin D,Caledonia MI,"I use OO professionally and until this year, I would do anything to help someone else use it too. But it is a pain to tell someone they're better off using OO when it can be such a pain for them to use. Please make the interface kid friendly. Please.",,,28,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-30 11:38:16 GMT,kat,,There's an issue with OpenOffice retaining images in documents - even if you save in .doc format.  Can you fix that?,,,17,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-21 12:38:15 GMT,Dave,"Ontario, Canada","I have followed and tried OO from the earliest days. However, I use powerful Excel features extensively. My spreadsheets use many variable line heights and merged cells. OO Calc takes far too long to open while reconciling such formatting features.",,,17,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-23 05:12:45 GMT,Elishai,Herzlia,make UI skins with user community contributions,,,17,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 12:47:05 GMT,White Phoenix,"Ypsilanti, MI","I still think that there must be a way to convert a spreadsheet table into a database table. Also document tables. Column headers = Field names; Row headers = Index key (no row headers, default numbers w/option @ 0 or 1. Leading 0s/5digit.",,,46,10
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 19:52:00 GMT,Shmuelh,Jerusalem,"I would LOVE to have a feature similar to WordPefect's Reveal Codes, if that is possible.",,,34,6
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 13:45:22 GMT,Dimas,"Caracas, Ve",Improve recognition of JRE version 7 and on. Now it comes out an alarm even I already have chosen the Java enviroment,,,43,9
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-03 02:51:48 GMT,Sneha Bhat,"Mumbai, India","Whenever a password protected open office document is opened, a  temp files for images is created.The temp files are created in the path set in Openoffice. This is a serious security issue. The tempfiles should not be allowed to open by any user.",,,27,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-31 05:50:26 GMT,Nish,India,Develop new user interface. Choice of horizontal toolbar with options to adjust width is good for wide-screen monitors.,,,27,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-09-19 01:30:51 GMT,JC,France,"When creating a template containing ""input fields"", I would like to control the sequence, as done with ""controls"".",,,12,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-09-23 23:19:46 GMT,Sharpdog,"Medford, OR",** Auto-Toolbar **  An automatic toolbar that automatically adds frequently used tools that are not already permanently placed on the toolbar.,,,12,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-09-26 05:10:53 GMT,kwagdy,"Cairo, Egypt","GUI - would be a great plus if you can improve the overall GUI experience, icons and menus would have a better look instead of the current interface (MS and Mac seem to be doing a good job in that area)""",,,12,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-23 05:18:55 GMT,Elishai,Herzlia,introduce a graphical clipboard basket with drag and drop capability for easier copy-paste,,,20,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-08-21 13:37:33 GMT,John B,"Ottawa, ON, Canada","I think that Base has a good user interface, but functionality of the SQL engine is too weak.  I have several databases, and I had to put them all in first normal form.  Any improvements in this area would be very welcome.",,,20,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-22 07:01:25 GMT,Ed2,London,"Make context sensitivity customisable. Should be able to select whether each toolbar should be context sensitive, and if so select its context from a list.",,,16,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-07-27 08:08:00 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA","Integration with R Statistics (
+1) Call R routines from a spreadsheet formula
+2) Call R scripts from a menu item",,,16,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 21:25:59 GMT,drewkeller,,Table Styles -- I use table styles a lot in MS Word. OpenOffice doesn't even have them.,,,16,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-30 13:45:34 GMT,Lyn M,"Norfolk, VA",The dictionary and thesaurus disappeared suddenly on this latest version and when trying to install them again the attempts were never successful.  Fixing this would be quite beneficial.,,,16,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 12:38:48 GMT,Gene,"Pocatello, ID","I'd really like to see an integrated writing/drawing application, like a combined Microsoft Word/SmartDraw or WordPerfect/CorelDraw, so I could avoid all the OLE stuff that sometimes works, and frequently doesn't.",,,38,8
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-25 06:58:02 GMT,Gokce A,"Brussels, Belgium","The most needed enhancement in my opinion is a complete rewriting of  the Graphical User Interface, to make it more modern, and integrated to the Hosting Operating System. The actual UI is not much user friendly and looks like old fashioned.",,,26,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 16:17:24 GMT,Steve A,Olympia,Make AOO available through the OSX App Store. This would increase the number of users and increase visibility. It would also decrease chances of someone being scammed by a third party sight.,,,37,8
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-30 07:45:26 GMT,Venkatesh Durairaj,"chennai,India","When a MS-Office file(.doc, .ppt, .docx, .pptx) is opened in OpenOffice, the format changes dramatically. If you achieve this, that will be great for OpenOffice.",,,19,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-07-31 13:17:58 GMT,RGB-es,,"On AOO menus, ""Formula"" refers to two different things: the formula toolbar for tables in Writer and a Math OLE object. This is quite confusing so I propose to change ""Formula"" by ""Math object"" or at least ""Equation object"" when referring to Math",,,19,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-24 07:22:27 GMT,Stevo,"other than in the world of Technology, you do not need to know ;)","add the ability to save in the new Microsoft Office 2007-2013 files types (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX)",,,31,6
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-26 20:43:01 GMT,garya,,"Add an option to Writer to save only changes to html files, without reformatting.
+This allows one to use other tools to generate html but writer to update, and makes diffs that make sense possible.",,,22,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-28 06:41:22 GMT,Joel T.,Stuttgart,An Organizer: Task/Scheduler/Contact for a better integration in the companies.(Available in all The AOO applications),,,22,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-26 23:37:40 GMT,,"Pünderich, Germany","The user interface should be able to store interface settings as templates. This way we could provide templates for different user groups, applications or screen layout. It should be easy to switch these and defaults should be stored for each user.",,,22,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Impress,2012-08-21 15:42:26 GMT,David Martin,"Burgos, Spain",Export handouts to PDF. Printing and converting is now the only way to do it.,,,22,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-26 12:39:26 GMT,xylifyx,"Aarhus, DK","Create a simple DTP application, most of the elements exists. What is needed is linkable text frames.",,,22,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-27 12:32:55 GMT,lebradeur,"Rennes, France","Make a Simple and Stupid way for managing different kinds of documents templates. OOo templates should be an option. Users templates should be the 'regular' or default' templates, easy to find.",,,22,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-12 03:17:14 GMT,Peter Lairo,Germany,Comments should be printed BESIDE the text being commented on - like in Microsoft Word. Putting them at the end of the document makes it very hard to work with comments efficiently (you have to count the line numbers!).,,,28,5
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-23 02:19:12 GMT,Sigurd,Norway,Improved design and more user friendly tool bar.,,,25,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-12 10:04:22 GMT,vincent,"Aix-en-provence, France",The Calc module is despserately slow compared to what Excel provides. This is spêcially true when creating (through the assistant) a graphic with several 1000nds of lines of data.,,,25,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Demographic,2012-08-22 10:48:39 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA",I use OpenOffice at work,,,25,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-25 12:48:50 GMT,raumklimaplus,Schweiz,"The same possibilities of formatting of the header and footer as in the Writer (table, insert of field commands, free positioning of grafics).",,,11,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-26 11:58:53 GMT,abelinux,Argentina,"It should be possible to define, in the printing ranges' dialog, different (AND SEPARATE) rows AND COLUMNS to be repeated, and WHERE they should be repeated.
+That way we would be able to design complex header/footer/sides layout WITHIN the sheet.",,,11,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-09-22 07:57:05 GMT,hajime,,"I would like to see a more powerful query browser and report builder at database, like Lotus Approach or Navicat does. I think that it will empower AOO because untill I know OpenERP is using OO to generate reports, it could be great at business.",,,11,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-30 15:22:28 GMT,Tobi B,Trier,"The possibility of make ""Smart Art"" (like MSO2007 and higher) would be a great feature, as well as to extend this feature with a creator for ""Smart Art"" like Workflow Designers and not with this static predefined style like MS done it.",,,11,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-26 12:51:31 GMT,abelinux,Argentina,"When ""dragging & filling"", let the user choose wether data AND/OR format should be filled, using context menu. Useful when format is PREDEFINED, and we only need to fill the sheet with data. There should also be an option to choose DEFAULT behaviour.",,,11,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 10:02:08 GMT,RoryOF,Ireland,Permit notes to be displayed as hanging shoulder notes.,,,11,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-22 00:49:38 GMT,JimW-11,"Gaithersburg, MD","It is easy to insert a horizontal rule, even by mistake. But it's hard to take it back out. Make it easy to delete the line or undo the paragraph formatting that causes it.",,,11,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-26 11:48:38 GMT,abelinux,Argentina,"Templates design: we should be able to BLOCK cell formatting and content separately. So we don't relay on user's expertise, e.g.: when copying/pasting with/without format. That way we preserve the ""looks"" pre-decided for companie's docs along users.",,,11,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-22 21:33:39 GMT,EIDLady,"Idaho Falls, ID",Allow for saving of SMALL spreadsheets. Not having the Complete spreadsheet with all the 'empty cells' saved into memory. Just Save the cells with information in them. This would 'stretch' memory space.,,,36,8
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-29 09:37:18 GMT,Peter Lairo,Germany,"Cloud based storage of most or all settings (customized toolbars, dictionaries, custom templates, etc). It's a pain to have to reconfigure OpenOffice on every PC I have have or use.",,,30,6
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-23 07:34:28 GMT,Pandora,Ecuador,"Please, add a native languages grammar and spell checker.",,,24,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-28 10:00:46 GMT,Peter Lairo,Germany,"Hovering over Font and Font-Size drop-down menu items should PREVIEW those selections in the document. 
+See how WordPerfect did it 10 years ago!",,,24,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-23 18:26:41 GMT,Simon W,"Vancouver, Canada",Support HTML with CSS3 to edit and write clean HTML,,,24,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 21:17:53 GMT,Dorin Groapa,Calarasi,Create a CMYK separation option to send especially the DRAW works to be printed in typography,,,29,6
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-22 16:00:48 GMT,Tony,"Gawler East,  Australia",Provide for text watermarks to be printed  on documents similar to MS Word. MS Word > Format > Background > Printed Watermark. There is a need  for some documents to be marked as Copy Only. or Draft Copy and many other text watermarks.,,,14,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-07-26 13:05:48 GMT,rgardler,UK,"Improved accessibility features, specifically IA2 support.",,,14,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-25 03:33:15 GMT,vanickone,"Bishkek, KG","Please increase limit of OpenOffice memory usage in:
+Tools->Options->OpenOffice->Memory->Graphics Cache->Use for OpenOffice,
+from 256MB to at least 512Mb
+Regards, and thank You for that job!",,,23,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Demographic,2012-08-22 10:49:06 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA",I run OpenOffice on Windows,,,23,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-28 13:24:36 GMT,Jeschu,Switzerland,"Styles management:
+3 Introduce a style document similar to the old of the old MS Office. So the user does not have to either reload documents or define the same styles again and again.",,,20,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-25 20:23:39 GMT,Andy,"Colstrip, Mt","Symphony has a nice interface, especially in regards to properties dialogs similar to Lotus Smartsuite before it (though it would need to be done in C/C++ as eclipse is slow).  It would be nice to be able to choose your interface.  More in response.",,,17,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-08-24 13:58:29 GMT,Niall Martin,Edinburgh,"Automatic numbering of new entries. I had a form with columns for each of my fields. When I entered the data in each field I got an error.  I went back to the table, and found I had to manually increment the Id. Surely needless in a good programme.",,,10,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Impress,2012-09-25 00:18:03 GMT,Saran,Chennai,Impress should have a feature to convert the presentation into a single document (odt file),,,10,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-09-05 04:03:57 GMT,jorgen hede,denmark,"Base should have ""Openform"" and ""opensubform"" as simple Clickable features.
+By adding these features one would be able to build more advanced GUIs almost intuativly.",,,10,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-26 11:54:31 GMT,abelinux,Argentina,"It should be possible to automate the writing of ""PAGE NUMBER/TOTAL PAGES"" (NOT SHEET NUMBER) in the header, when working on a large table (with many rows) that prints out across several pages.
+Very simple feature, that's been missing for long.",,,10,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-22 09:54:50 GMT,Salva,Spain,Alphabetical index: Add link to the page numbers,,,10,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-22 01:04:43 GMT,Boater,Guernsey,"Fix current problem that when you move and insert a group of lines, cell group references in formulae are not altered correctly.",,,10,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-07-27 06:32:33 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA","Release only when the product quality meets a high standard, even if this results in longer intervals between releases",,,51,16
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-22 17:01:05 GMT,MauricioBaeza,"México, D.F.",Eliminate dependence of Java,,,37,10
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 13:45:11 GMT,dteti,"Rome, IT",Improve the default styles and formats for text. The MS Word are very better than the OO ones. This feature is very evident to the first time users.,,,19,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-24 02:38:03 GMT,Ex-StarOffice-User,Germany,Please add a function/wizard in writer to recognize existing formats in an imported text to convert the style sheet paragraph formats according the same text formats. Finally get headers in the text to create easily an index of contents.,,,13,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-24 00:58:10 GMT,Sneha Bhat,"Mumbai, India","1.We would like the option for saving files in .xlsx formats (MS Office 2007 & 2010 compatible). This will make openoffice more user friendly and resolve amny formating related options.
+2.Also multiple selections in filters should be included",,,13,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-08-22 03:28:14 GMT,Niall Martin,Edinburgh,"Better interworking between calc and base.  Close integration of the Approach database and 123 spreadsheet was a core advantage of Smartsuite, which made the whole so much easier to use.",,,13,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-23 05:42:43 GMT,Elishai,Herzlia,enable user to stick important documents in the recent documents list,,,13,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-08-21 21:43:25 GMT,Jim DeLaHunt,"Vancouver, Canada","Better documentation. I tried to move a project from storing data in a Calc table to storing it in Base, but I couldn't figure out how to operate Base.",,,16,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-22 11:38:44 GMT,niek,groningen,"Make it easier to delete data from selected cells using the 'del' key, by not having to select delete options first.",,,16,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-22 06:37:45 GMT,Atty. Gary G.,"Traverse City, MI, USA","Make it easier to apply ""If . . . then"" conditions based on a date range and corresponding values i.e. create a function to work from a table of interest rates for date ranges& enter a date in a cell, with a different cell populating w/interest rate.",,,9,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-23 05:21:43 GMT,Elishai,Herzlia,"make it possible to scroll in loop, i.e. user can define cell range so when reaching the end the scroll will automatically navigate to the beginning instead of continuing forward - good for very big tables",,,9,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Impress,2012-09-23 16:57:45 GMT,RyanBram,Indonesia,Add ability to export presentation as standalone executable without the need for office application installed in computer.,,,9,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Draw,2012-07-27 01:02:45 GMT,RGB-es,,"Implement Frames in Draw. Frames as used in Writer are different than text boxes because they allow the use of styles for text. Also, they can be linked together to make content flow through them. Frames will give even more flexibility to Draw.",,,9,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-26 12:31:11 GMT,abelinux,Argentina,"DIVIDE cell, horizontally AND/OR vertically.
+After designing big, complex tables, if you realize you'd have needed some extra division, you need to insert a new column, and COMBINE ALL the other cells on that column. That could be done automatically.",,,9,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-26 12:35:27 GMT,abelinux,Argentina,"When dragging and filling a cell contained on a FILTERED column, it should ONLY apply to filtered cells (and leave the rest unchanged). Or maybe add a contextual menu allowing the user to choose.",,,9,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Math - Formula,2012-08-21 12:37:24 GMT,tomkeb,Czech Republic,"Improve the font support: 1) Use the special characters (+, −, √,…) from the selected fonts if they support them, 2) Make the font selection dialog more straightforward, maybe merge the 4 different categories into just one font.",,,9,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-23 05:10:33 GMT,Elishai,Herzlia,make assigning keyboard shortcuts easier,,,23,5
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Math - Formula,2012-08-25 02:11:40 GMT,Atlante,Canarias,Please use TeX standard language in this module. It's free. There's a lot or pre-configured formulas to use. It's the most used math-scientific language in the world.,,,12,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-09-26 09:00:52 GMT,HD,UK,Complete UI redesign - A new modern look that is both simple and elegant but still makes options easy to access (Unlike in Windows 8). And still gives the user full control so they can customize the UI and have the option to use old interface.,,,12,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 12:39:31 GMT,Gene,"Pocatello, ID","Need better equation editing tools built in, like an integrated MathType- or MathMagic-like feature.",,,31,9
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-25 09:48:15 GMT,crackerjack,Canada,"Call the project 'Open Office' rather than 'Apache Open Office'. The ladder title just waters down the seriousness of the project. We want people to remember the project, not all of the distributors. (God bless them!)",,,22,5
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-25 08:25:18 GMT,TITI,Argentina,"Creo que OpenOffice es un gran paquete, pero tiene que actualizar el aspecto gráfico. Tiene un aspecto antiguo, viejo. Si quiere diferenciarse de LibreOffice debe dar un paso hacia la integración con la gráfica del sistema en el que está instalado.",,,22,5
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 21:37:20 GMT,drewkeller,,"Add a means for version control. Yes, the flat format can currently be made to work with a lot of messing around, but it is not practical for day-to-day use. And the binary format can be version controlled easily, but not for determining changes.",,,24,6
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-26 11:01:31 GMT,thomas,Greece,Add tabs to open applications to make easy the transition between them.,,,17,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-23 00:55:45 GMT,nostriel,,"An Open Office Viewer.
+Main reason: Does not load all libraries, so it should open them faster. (this is the main reason i use doc format, because most of the time I just want to view it, not edit it, and MS Word Viewer is really fast)",,,28,8
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 12:23:10 GMT,ajwenig,"Bowling Green, OH",The ability to read/write Lotus 123 files and other Lotus SmartSuite files would be great!,,,36,12
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-25 09:14:07 GMT,Charly,"Ramos Mejia, Buenos Aires",Easy deployment on multiple machines,,,19,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-09 13:50:29 GMT,Jan,Czech Republic,"Speed, speed and speed: Improve speed of the opening/saving of the document. 
+For example to open/save Calc file takes cca 10-15 minutes (150000 rows, on 2 core fast procesor). This is someting to improve MSO is cca 100x faster.",,,19,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-17 17:11:31 GMT,Mach,Portugal,Add code completion feature to Macro Editor.,,,19,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-28 09:45:07 GMT,Peter Lairo,Germany,"Page Preview should default to a SINGLE page (or at least remember the users' previous choice), and the default zoom level should either be 100% or Full Page. 
+The current double page preview sucks for singe-page and multi-pages documents.",,,8,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-27 09:28:09 GMT,caresia,Bolzano,"Add a Google Drive integration (to connect to Google Spreadsheet, Form results), import and consolidate (like DataPilot) data.",,,8,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-22 03:11:18 GMT,madu,"Chur, Schweiz",3D- Surface chart,,,8,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Draw,2012-08-25 09:48:01 GMT,regina,Germany,Allow editing SVG graphics directly in Draw.,,,8,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 13:35:41 GMT,John,Maine,"Mail merge never seems to work for us.
+Word works off excel files but Writer can't seem to do it.
+Maybe we are doing something incorrectly but can't get it to function.",,,11,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-08-22 04:22:07 GMT,bomjet2009,,"Open Office Base needs to insert new fields in a table, instead of making a new database all over again.""",,,11,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-25 10:12:52 GMT,regina,Germany,"Make drop down lists like 'font name' or 'style' work too, if the toolbar is not attached to the top edge but to the right or left edge. Moving toolbars to right or left is useful for netbooks, which have a small height.",,,11,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-25 21:08:03 GMT,Pierre Vitali,Luxembourg City,A better front end GUI Report Builder for Base. (like the one in Lotus Approach 15 Years ago),,,16,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-26 18:58:45 GMT,AOO-Concerned,USA,Better handling of the user data folder in user profiles when installing a newer version.  OpenOffice needs to do a better job of avoiding file corruption and preserving user preferences when installing a newer version onto a computer.,,,18,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-02 04:06:06 GMT,r4zoli,Budapest,Include image/picture fields from database in mail merge.,,,18,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 14:25:25 GMT,Bruce A. Johnson,"Hardisty, AB","Restore support for converting WordPerfect documents (.wpd), and introduce support for converting Quattro Pro spreadsheets (.qpw).",,,26,8
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Demographic,2012-08-22 10:50:07 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA",I run OpenOffice on Windows 7,,,22,6
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-08-23 11:08:24 GMT,Serge,Russian Federation,"Make more flexible the Report Wizard Base, HSQL replaced by SQLite, field reports should move freely, the ability to insert a field as his text, and the data from the database, data from the form fields in the query.",,,13,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-24 19:45:00 GMT,Tanishq,Jaipur,"Get New fonts for open office
+like fonts of different game etc",,,13,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-27 10:36:47 GMT,Larry N,"Ann Arbor, MI",I urge that some effort be made to better align the position of the cursor on the screen and  where the letters actually go when typed into text files.,,,13,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-21 12:45:39 GMT,Zerowaster,,"Many of the ideas involve reading special files or programs of interest to just a few people. Instead of loading up OO with more coding, perhaps a generic conversion program could be available - any text file to any other form.",,,13,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-26 16:11:03 GMT,kiki,canada,i have to make footnotes available please !,,,13,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Math - Formula,2012-08-21 12:32:46 GMT,tomkeb,Czech Republic,"Introduce a more easy-to-use (MS Office-like) way to assemble formulas – the current ""text-only"" solution is tedious and chaotic.",,,15,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-29 06:58:01 GMT,meXc,,"Include the possibility for partial and automatic updates
+Resulting in fast (smaller) automatic updates which will save a lot of time.",,,15,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-25 18:35:34 GMT,Biggzy,Canada,"Auto- updates, allow a word processor in the cloud: i.e. like Microsoft Word Web app, allow a person to send documents to a cloud hard drive in 3 three simple steps , I.E skydrive.
+allow me to email documents to others easily.",,,15,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-29 15:26:13 GMT,mrg.hitech2,palermo,"openoffice su sistema android sarebbe di forte impatto e sarà molto utilizzato,  sugli smartphones e sui tablet ed eventualmente creare un protocollo di connessione ai cloud più utilizzati all'interno del programma .",,,15,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-26 21:29:23 GMT,TimeStamp,USA,Would be nice to be able to crop all graphic types.,,,15,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-26 21:26:59 GMT,TimeStamp,USA,"When drawing and inserting anything, put it where the pointer is pointing. Not at the upper left corner.",,,15,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-22 07:43:18 GMT,FNP,Tarragona,"Paste Special: When I uncheck ""Paste All"" it's because I only want to paste one or two things so why must all options be prechecked? Unchecking ""Paste All"" should ""Uncheck All"".  Maybe you could replace Paste All by Uncheck All.",,,17,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Demographic,2012-08-22 10:49:26 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA",I run OpenOffice on Linux,,,19,5
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 12:30:41 GMT,ajwenig,"Bowling Green, OH",Read and write Microsoft Works would be nice also. It would be a nice feature to have to convert them over to a useful format.,,,30,11
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-23 05:26:02 GMT,Elishai,Herzlia,make it possible to copy from Calc directly into table in Writer (without the need for paste special),,,10,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-26 12:42:18 GMT,abelinux,Argentina,"New ""Currency"" format: the symbol should be kept aligned (preferably on the left), while numbers should be able to be aligned ""around"" a fixed position for decimal separator (English: "".""), no matter how many digits the cell shows either side of it.",,,10,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-22 05:37:54 GMT,Ed2,London,Embed file picker and recent document list in the start screen.,,,10,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Impress,2012-08-28 05:06:24 GMT,wolfhalton,Atlanta GA,"Make it simple to export an impress document to a odf format. Now one must copy and paste from text boxes and whatnot. I use Impress as a brainstorming tool, and it would work better to take presentations and turn them into reports.",,,10,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-22 05:01:20 GMT,Sabrina,UK,Please could we have the  'draw table' ability (like the pencil in Word). This is very useful for subdividing table cells - I have to convert doc to Word to do this. Thank you all your work on AOO.,,,10,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-09-05 06:04:46 GMT,Dwayne,London,Allow me to contribute corrections or suggestions to the UI translations when I see an error in the translation.,,,10,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 14:17:19 GMT,philb202,uk,Make Open Office available for the iPad.,,,31,12
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Chart,2012-08-25 12:05:50 GMT,RobW,"Westford, MA","More chart types: heat maps, world clouds, animated charts with time as a dimension, etc.  Today office app charts are far behind visualizations we see on the web everyday.",,,7,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-09-29 03:39:58 GMT,Uziel,,"- Ordered lists options and controlling numbers - it should be like right-click on list, choose number... period.
+- DOCX, XSLX",,,7,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-10-01 04:54:08 GMT,Kevin Grignon,Shanghai,Update wizard UI and graphics.,,,7,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-22 03:31:44 GMT,NitinBetharia,"Nagpur, India","Would like an upgraded detective features similar to ones in ms-excel.  Should be able to jump to cell-references in other sheets, using keyboard shortcuts.",,,7,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-22 15:43:24 GMT,Kerr N. Mudge,Olympic Peninsula,"Add on to automatically punctuate direct discourse, so author can just enter the dialogue, using enter to signal change of speaker. This could be done either in a special entry mode, or afterward in an edit mode.",,,7,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-25 02:12:00 GMT,engilyin,,"Use ScrollLock key to switch between ways to scroll: by cells or by pixels.
+Now it scrolls by cell and if the contents of the cell is larger then could be shown on the screen the only way to see full contents is to scale document.",,,7,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-22 07:35:46 GMT,FNP,Tarragona,"On the bottom line ""Sum="" or ""Average="" I am very frustrated that only one can be shown at a time.",,,7,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-22 05:11:11 GMT,Sabrina,UK,"The ability to search for the format 'p' symbol for new line in 'Find/Replace', and find/replace curly quote marks with straight quote marks, would both be very useful when editing a document for InDesign or the web.",,,7,0
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 12:12:03 GMT,Phillip R.,"Chapel Hill, NC","Add native support for using ""R"" from within Calc.  Something like
+, but built in and well integrated.",,,22,7
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-29 11:23:37 GMT,ferdesa,italy,Improve GUI building and automation like Filemaker or MsAccess,,,12,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-27 12:30:37 GMT,lebradeur,"Rennes, France","Make a Simple an Stupid way for defining the features (size, margins, fonts etc...) of the default paper sheet when opening Writer (forget ""template"" which is a programmer's word)",,,18,5
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-21 01:04:25 GMT,Parralelo,Porto,Return of the mail and schedule module (MS Outlook like) like we had in StarOffice 5.,,,18,5
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-23 02:17:05 GMT,Sigurd,Norway,Add more templates for e.g. tables etc. Make easier access of the settings. More effects for images. Easy to use MathType. (Have a look on MS Word).,,,14,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-28 01:57:16 GMT,PanAlex,"Россия, Киров","we need Office for Android!!!
+Millions of devices all around the world",,,14,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-19 12:30:12 GMT,dpk,"Vienna, AT","Compare / merge document in Microsoft Office works.
+The corresponding ""compare documents"" in Open Office has been dismally bad. There is a ""DeltaXML ODT"" compare extension which is much better but not user friendly. Integrate and extend this, please!",,,14,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-26 21:54:54 GMT,TimeStamp,USA,If possible don't jump to the top of a frame or graphic when I click the bottom.,,,14,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-26 21:50:39 GMT,TimeStamp,USA,In spell check the ignore all only ignores all on the second check.,,,14,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-27 19:47:45 GMT,smit,kolkata,Compatibility with one word document format that 'll open with MS Office and will  look the same at both end even with tables and blocks.,,,14,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 12:28:07 GMT,Rob Davis,"Houston, TX","Include support for Apple iWork files (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote), including both Save As and Open.",,,28,11
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-22 07:58:16 GMT,"R""G""H","Edmonton, AB, Canada",Create an Android version of AOO.,,,21,7
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-22 09:08:06 GMT,Webmaestro,India,Let Ctrl-[ and Ctrl-] increase and decrease respectively sizes of all selected text by 1 point as happens in Ms Office. So if I have 10 different font sizes they can all be incremented or decremented by the same value at one go.,,,17,5
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-08-27 12:35:25 GMT,Niall Martin,Edinburgh,Can you make it easier to switch between design and browse views? I have been finding this a major difficulty in managing tables and forms.,,,9,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-21 13:38:37 GMT,Buzz999m,Wales,"Can you make it so that charts are dynamic (like a movie): 
+Press ""Play"" and the chart, eg a line chart, automatically draws the line(s) until the chart is complete.
+Further, to be able to state in what order or speed the graph draws.",,,9,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-08-24 10:00:20 GMT,r4zoli,Budapest,"Rethink features collected in 2008-2009:
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Math - Formula,2012-08-21 20:31:18 GMT,hanya,,Abbility to use STIX fonts.,,,9,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Base,2012-09-27 13:42:48 GMT,Per,Kitimat,Eliminate the inconvencience of needing a specific version of Java installed for Base,,,9,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-23 06:23:59 GMT,Elishai,Herzlia,make it possible to record audio comments into a document like to do items instead of writing comments,,,9,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Writer,2012-08-21 14:55:10 GMT,RobO,NZ,Improve RTF inter program word processing.. (Through the years rtf has been a standby when going between WPs. The language has stood the test of time. In particular w updating from earlier versions & formatting like Number and footnoting) cheers RobO,,,9,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-22 08:26:53 GMT,,,"Please include support for using the ""scroll function"" on IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads with UltraNav (TrackPoint and three click buttons). The middle button is designed for scrolling.",,,9,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),Calc,2012-08-21 20:00:05 GMT,ben h,"melbourne, Oz","Add mouse gestures, mouse drag, etc, like with some GIS programs. Spreadsheets can be very wide, and very long. Adding mouse drag of the viewport would help navigation.",,,9,1
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-21 18:38:56 GMT,PhoebeAnn,Florida,Allow saving documents in .mobi format.,,,25,10
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-22 13:09:56 GMT,topdog,United States,"Add the ability to ""pin"" files to the File Open menu, similar to what MS Office has. This is very useful for files that are needed for reference, but that may not be opened frequently enough to remain in the ""recent files"" list.",,,15,4
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-08-28 09:32:43 GMT,Peter Lairo,Germany,Turn QuickLauncher OFF by default!!! This is the most arrogant and infuriating setting in OpenOffice.,,,20,7
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-25 10:36:07 GMT,Sergio,"Cali, Colombia",Improve the start up without the need of load it when Windows starts.,,,13,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-27 00:03:22 GMT,Dr S,Plymouth,"We all learn software differently, but Open Office is mostly learnt by hovering, and experience with other applications. Could you enable several levels for learning, the simplest guiding you all the way?",,,13,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-26 07:33:45 GMT,spacemen4,RF/Chuvashia,Do the program in different languages ​​and the site to automatically provide information in the language of the program installed on your PC then your office will be more popular,,,13,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-26 01:16:24 GMT,Sunil,Banglore,"While copying data from browser, I am unable to copy images. I  am not sure about the options. But copying image with data  by default is best option.",,,13,3
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),User Interface,2012-08-22 05:36:05 GMT,Pete K.,"Connecticut, USA","Template pet peeves: (1) Why is there a ""Documents"" pane in the *Template* Manager?   (2) Why can't I organize templates in subfolders within my ""templates"" directory?  (3) Why can't I arrange template files from Template Organizer?",,,11,2
+,Apache OpenOffice 4.0 (completed),General,2012-09-26 21:34:50 GMT,TimeStamp,USA,"See if you can do something about "" NOT RESPONDING "" when the system is actually busy...",,,11,2

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