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Subject svn commit: r1392689 - /incubator/ooo/ooo-site/trunk/content/support/index.html
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2012 23:17:30 GMT
Author: kschenk
Date: Mon Oct  1 23:17:30 2012
New Revision: 1392689

Suggested by: Rob Weir
Committed by: Kay Schenk


Modified: incubator/ooo/ooo-site/trunk/content/support/index.html
--- incubator/ooo/ooo-site/trunk/content/support/index.html (original)
+++ incubator/ooo/ooo-site/trunk/content/support/index.html Mon Oct  1 23:17:30 2012
@@ -9,12 +9,14 @@
-<h1 class="welcometitle">Welcome to Support</h1>
+<h1 class="welcometitle">Welcome to Apache OpenOffice Support</h1>
-<p> Welcome to the Support area. Listed here are links to <a href="#fcs">
community Support</a>, <a href="#cst">commercial support and training</a>,
<a href="#oob"> books</a>, and <a href="#gcr">general community
resources</a>. </p>
+<p> Welcome to the Apache OpenOffice Support area. Listed here are links to <a href="#fcs">Apache
OpenOffice community Support</a>,
+ <!--  <a href="#cst">commercial support and training</a>, -->, <a href="#otherfree">other
free resources</a> and
+ <a href="#oob">OpenOffice books</a>. </p>
-<p>If you are a new user to and can't get your questions answered through
the on-line Help provided with, we recommend that you first take a look at
the latest <a href="">User Guide</a>
available for your version, and use the <a href="">
FAQ</a> site.
-The <a href=""> forum</a> is
another great place to get help! </p>
+<p>If you are a new user to Apache OpenOffice and can't get your questions answered
through the on-line Help provided with OpenOffice, we recommend that you first take a look
at the latest <a href="">User
Guide</a> available for your version, and use the <a href="">Documentation
FAQ</a> site.
+Or, please make use of any of the resources you find here. </p>
 <p>In the listings below, each item is preceded by some characters, which indicate
the version of for which it is relevant:<br />
   <b><font color="#6281ae">ALL</font></b> - Indicates that it is
relevant for ALL versions of<br />
@@ -22,21 +24,19 @@ The <a href="
 <a name="fcs" id="fcs"></a> <span class="supporthead">OpenOffice Community
 <div class="support">
-   <ul>
-      <li><span class='title'><a href="">Documentation
Wiki</a></span><br />
-          Templates, user guides, how-Tos, tutorials and other documentation for users</li>
-      <li><span class='title'><a href="">User
Help: Frequently Asked Questions</a></span><br />
-          FAQs, information, knowledge base </li>
-        <li><span class='title'><a href="">The Community Forum</a></span><br />
+   <ul>      
+		<li><span class='title'><a href="">The
Apache OpenOffice Community Forum</a></span><br />
          The premier forum for users; immensely useful and recommended</li>
         <li><span class='title'>Users Mail List</span>&nbsp;(<a
/ <a href="">
           Community support provided by a network of hundreds of experienced users. You must
be subscribed to post messages.</li>
-        <li><span class='title'><a href="/mail_list.html">General OOo Mail
Lists </a></span><br />
-          Subscriptions and archives for key OOo lists </li>
-    <li><span class='title'><a href="">
Wiki</a></span><br />
-      Supports development and other kinds of contributions</li>
-      <li><span class='title'><a href="">Developer's
Guide</a></span><br />
-      Free community developer's guide.</li>         
+        <li><span class='title'><a href="">Apache
OpenOffice Native Language Mailing Lists</a></span><br />
+        Mailing lists for some native languages.</li>
+        <li><span class='title'><a href="">Other
Apache OpenOffice Mailing Lists </a></span><br />
+        Developer, marketing, etc.</li>
+		<li><span class='title'><a href="">OpenOffice
Wiki: Documentation area</a></span><br />
+          FAQs, User Guides, How-Tos, Tutorials, Installation, etc.</li>
+      	<li><span class='title'><a href="">OpenOffice
Wiki Main Page</a></span><br />
+          Navigation to user and developer information. </li>        
      <li><span class='title'><a href="">Issue
Tracker (bug reporting and lookup) from the QA Project</a></span><br
          Public issue search but you must register to submit an issue.</li>
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ The <a href="
 <li><span class='title'><a href="">The (Unofficial)
OpenOffice Forum</a></span><br />
           Discussion site for all things </li>
-         <li><span class='title'><a href="">Tutorials
for</a></span><br />
+         <li><span class='title'><a href="">Tutorials
for OpenOffice</a></span><br />
          Tutorials for anyone learning or teaching</li>
     <li><span class='title'><a href=""></a></span><br
          Free lessons in calc</li>
@@ -130,22 +130,13 @@ How to use free software to write, desig
 books.<br />
 Jean Hollis Weber, October 2009, ISBN 978-1921320071.
-   <li class="ooo3x"><span class="pubdate">2009</span><span class='title'>A
Conceptual Guide to 3</span> (<a href="">Author's
site</a>)<br />
-   Released under the Public Docuemntation License (PDL), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
and GNU Free Documentation licenses.<br />
-   Gabriel Gurley, 2008, ISBN 978-0977899173. See also the page on the <a href="">Documentation
     <!-- 2008 -->
   <li><span class="pubdate">2008</span><span class='title'>Quick
Start Cards</span> (<a href="">BrainStorm,
Inc.</a>)<br />
   6-page, tri-folded cards for a quick reference on basic and intermediate tasks in Writer,
Calc and Impress.</li>
 <li><span class="pubdate">2008</span><span class='title'>Beginning
OpenOffice 3: From Novice to Professional</span> (<a href="">Amazon</a>)<br
 Andy Channelle, 2008, Apress, ISBN 978-1430215905.</li>
-    <!-- 2007 -->
-    <!-- 2006 -->
-    <li><span class="pubdate">2006</span><span class='title'>Learn Spreadsheet Macro Programming: OOoBasic and Calc Automation</span> (<a
site</a>) <br  />
-        Dr Mark Alexander Bain,  December 2006, ISBN 978-1847190970.</li>

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