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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > Home Page update (for graduation and beyond?)
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2012 16:45:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: Home Page update (for graduation and beyond?) (

Comment added by Kay Schenk:

Alexandro...we discussed the language translation idea briefly with respect to supplying a
way to do this (a widget etc) a few months ago, but nothing was decided. So, your comments
are pertinent but no conclusive way to do this...yet. Some felt the automatic translations
were not very good.

Re News---I'm not sure what you mean here. Please explain more fully. I think we're in agreement
that something "better/different" should be done with the News area but what?

Re simplifying the CSS. I'm with you there! I had little to do with designing these styles
but now we must maintain this. I tried to make a case at that point in time regarding ease
and maintainability. I think, given what we're doing on the home page right now, a lot of
the styling can surely be simplified.

Re resizing/morphing...yes, I am working specifically on that aspect. This has been one of
my pet peeves for a while.

In reply to a comment by Alexandro Colorado:
One of the biggest challenges is a trully global site, where users can be redirected to their
own native language based on the IP they are coming from OR can easily find a visual element
that can have them looked for their own language. 

Skype (website) for example has a drop down menu. Maybe an ajaxy drop down module that allow
the easy location of the language in each language. 

On OpenOffice news, should it be a dynamic rollover of headline, should the same be with twitter?

AOO should mantain the sober, soft colors about the application.

I think programatically CSS should be evaluated, and simplified.

Responsive design means that the site will morph depending on the size of the screen, example,
news will disapear and change from a dropdown to only a Naviation item = "touch friendly".

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