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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > ApacheCon North America
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2012 19:07:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: ApacheCon North America (

Edited by Kay Schenk:
h1. Proposed Talks

h4. Submitted by

Donald Harbison

Audience Level

h1. Apache OpenOffice: Project Update and Future Direction

h4. Description

An introductory profile of the OpenOffice project covering all aspects of the project. We
will include examples of how OpenOffice complements other Apache projects.

h3. Abstract

OpenOffice graduated to Top Level Project in October 2012 following two very successful releases
generating more than 25M downloads in 2012. It is the largest end user software project within
the Apache Software Foundation. Not only does the PMC fulfill its duties to makes its source
code generally available, but it also provides binary distribution on multiple platforms for
millions of consumers around the world.

This talk will detail the key areas of the project providing illustrations of how volunteers
are making contributions on many different levels including: - core development of the (5)
modules that comprise Apache OpenOffice - QA & Test - Translation - Programmability -
Marketing - Communications - Community Development

Demonstrations of the most recent OpenOffice builds will be included.

h1. Community Development at Apache OpenOffice

h4. Description

Apache OpenOffice is a very large project. This session will help show the many different
onramps to join the project, learn, contribute and have fun.

h3. Abstract

Apache OpenOffice on one level is a mature, open source office productivity application suite.
On another, it represents an opportunity for innovation and renewal of purpose reflecting
the market needs of 2013 and beyond. This session will detail the key functional areas of
the project, and describe how easy it is to get started contributing based on individual interests
and skills. C+\+ core development, QA and Test, Translation, Documentation, User Support,
Web infrastructure, Marketing and Communications...all offer their own 'onramp' for beginners.

Attend this session and you will learn alot about Apache OpenOffice. We plan to build a panel
comprised of our Apache OpenOffice members to hold an interactive, educational and entertaining

h4. Submitted by Kay Schenk
Audience level: Beginner

h1. OpenOffice: from Bureaucracy to Meritocracy

h3. Abstract

This talk, from a 10 year volunteer of OpenOffice, will explore the challenges faced by migrating
OpenOffice, the community and services, from a bureaucratic framework to the more flat framework
of the Apache meritocracy. The conversion and integration of OpenOffice to the Apache Software
Foundation was particularly challenging due to the size of both the hardware infrastructure
which had been in place for the project, and the larger "ecosystem" of global volunteers and

The talk will hopefully answer some of the larger questions that have arisen since OpenOffice's
life at Apache especially those dealing with release timing and life expectancy.

It is more an overview of events as seem from personal perspectives rather than an in-depth
technical discussion of some of these aspects. 

* OpenOffice at Sun/Oracle

* The Hand-Off to Apache

* Getting Organized 
* The First Big Steps    

* The Long and Winding Road to a Meritocracy    

* Lots of Eyes Needed    

* Are we there yet?


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