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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > AOO 4.0 Release Planning
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2012 03:01:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: AOO 4.0 Release Planning (

Edited by Shenfeng Liu:
The following table is intended to collect and document new features, enhancements or other
working areas related to the next major release AOO 4.0.

The status can be tracked highlevel for example by using the colors {highlight:green}ok/done,{highlight}{highlight:yellow}in
progress{highlight}and {highlight:red}open/missing{highlight}.

More detailed description or potential specifications (as base for documentation, QA, development)
should be provided on demand on linked feature sub-pages. And a corresponding Bugzilla ID
should be provided for detailed tracking.

*Rough Target for release == End Year 2012*

|| Component || Feature/Enhancement || Abstract || Volunteer(s) || Status || Task-ID ||
| Common | Accessibility support | integrate iAccessibiltiy2 support to improve the usability
| Yin Bing | | |
| | Performance improvements for loading and saving of documents | General performance improvements,
especially on document loading and saving. The content of .odt and .odp files can be displayed
before the whole document is loaded. Better usability by improved application response. |
Ma Yong Lin | | |
| | Property Sidebar | A user interface improvement to allow easy and fast access to manage
object properties. A concept to replace or as an alternative to toolbars. Task panes are used
to allow more vertical space for the document area and to make use of current common wide
screen displays. | Wang Lei | | [sub-wiki|]
created for this feature.\\ |
| | enhanced extensions manager | The extensions manager should support multiple repositories.
Either via UI or via configuration only. | jsc | | \\ |
| | OpenSocial support | Enable 'sharing' to OpenSocial container's Activity Streams for document,
chart, or spreadsheet review & comment | Kevin Grignon (UX design) | | {highlight:red}Proposed{highlight}
| | Encryption GUI | Allow users to choose SHA256/AES or SHA1/Blowfish when saving ODF1.2
files. Design required, discussion recommended. See [Issue 119090|].
| | | {highlight:red}Proposed{highlight} |
| Writer | Usability improvement in Ctrl+A and mouse operations in tables and sections | #
The capability and usability of Ctrl+A is enhanced to make users able to select and operate
tables, nested tables, or tables within sections at the top of a document through select all
# The capability and usability of mouse operation is also enhanced to make users able to select
and operate the tables, nested tables, or tables within sections at the top of a document
through mouse to select them from the end to the beginning. | Cheng Jian Hong | | |
| Writer | Interoperabilty improvement with MS Word on Table of Contents | # The TOC data
of a MS Word document is not parsed completely.And actual TOC data is from silently updating
once a MS Word Document loaded.Thus,the fidelity can not be ensured especially when the document
contents that impact TOC have been changed after creating TOC in MS Word.So,we propose to
implement the TOC loading process to replace the update action.
# The tab between chapter number and TOC entry lost when loading a MS Word document,which
leads to different gap between chapter number and TOC entry.That looks different from MS Word.
# Jump info will be lost when loading MS Word TOC created by un-checking "Use hyperlinks instead
of page numbers". For this kind of TOC,end users can only press ctrl+mouse to click the page
number of the TOC entry for jumping in MS Word.
# The customized character attributes will be lost when loading MS Word TOC created by un-checking
"Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers". To this kind of TOC,the customized character attributes
of the target paragraphs can be collected into TOC in MS Word. | Cheng Jian Hong | | |
| Writer | Interoperability improvement with MS Word 2007/2010 on Shape support | # The shape
created in MS Word 2007/2010 can't be parsed and will lost after importing. So, we propose
to improve the implementation for shape loading.
# The shape in MS Word 2007 described as VML format, and in MS Word 2007/2010, it's both in
VML and DrawingML together. And to initial the compatible for this part, we propose to support
VML first. So we could better interoperable with MS Word 2007 and MS word 2010 for common
cases. | Zhang Ying | | |
| Calc | XLS loading performance with multiple pivot tables | Improvements in both loading
pivot table cache and in loading pivot table for the .xls files. \\
The loading performance for .xls files with multiple pivot tables is improved a lot, especially
with multiple pivot table caches. | Wang Lei | | |
| Impress | Speaker notes support in normal view | A user interface improvement from Symphony
to provide speaker notes in normal view. Users can view and edit speaker notes in normal view
directly. | Chen Jin Hua | | |
| Base | Update database engine to HSQLDB 2.2.x | The present versions uses HSQLDB
version, HSQLDB 2.x.x has more features, and it is a version in development. CWS [hsqldb19|]
was developed and tested extensively during 2009-11 (until April) by Ocke Janssen. The CWS
is named 19 because it was started with a pre-release version of HSQLDB. It was actually developed
and tested with release versions of HSQLDB 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2.x. The change from 3.3 to CWS
was that the org.hsqldb.lib.Storage was retired and replaced by org.hsqldb.persist.RandomAccessInterface,
which has similar methods | | | |
| SDK \\ | Include ODF Toolkit \\ | Include the Apache ODF Toolkit with the OpenOffice SDK. 
Also include code samples showing how the ODF Toolkit can be used with OpenOffice. \\ | robweir
\\ | | |
| Writer \\ | Implement Draw features \\ | Implement image rotation and some other existing
draw features in Writer. \\ | ericb2 (other volunteers welcome) \\ | {highlight:yellow}started{highlight}
| |
| Draw (and others) | Fundamental changes needed for further bug fixing and features | Rework
internal representation of drawing objects to use double precision and transformation matrix
| Armin Le Grand | {highlight:yellow}started \\
branch alg/AW080{highlight} | |
| install | modernize install | create installer that loads resources as needed (downloaded
or from local media) to solve current staging issues | | {highlight:red}Proposed{highlight}
| |
| install | modernize install | allow for the download and install of extensions during install
(esp. for lang/dictionary) | | {highlight:red}Proposed{highlight} | |
| | built in cloud storage | build in connector for cloud/Google Docs/CMIS | | {highlight:red}Proposed{highlight}
| |
| help | option for online help | provide user option to use current online help content instead
of storing locally | | {highlight:red}Proposed{highlight} | |
| help | custom search for help | integration of custom search on forums into help dialog
| | {highlight:red}Proposed{highlight} | |
| | implement AOO server | formalize the use of headless AOO as document converter - potentially
as Apache mod (mod_aoo ?) | | {highlight:red}Proposed{highlight} | |
| | real time collaboration | passing of ODF change sets over common transport (such as XMPP)
| | {highlight:red}Proposed{highlight} | |
| | svn integration | storage of ODF in svn with ODF change sets instead of text diffs | |
{highlight:red}Proposed{highlight} | |
| ... | ... | | | | |

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