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Subject svn commit: r1424046 - /openoffice/site/trunk/content/orientation/intro-qa.mdtext
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2012 19:20:09 GMT
Author: robweir
Date: Wed Dec 19 19:20:09 2012
New Revision: 1424046

CMS commit to openoffice by robweir


Modified: openoffice/site/trunk/content/orientation/intro-qa.mdtext
--- openoffice/site/trunk/content/orientation/intro-qa.mdtext (original)
+++ openoffice/site/trunk/content/orientation/intro-qa.mdtext Wed Dec 19 19:20:09 2012
@@ -166,11 +166,14 @@ Bugzilla.  This will give you some addit
 ##Easy QA Tasks
-The two easiest tasks for a new QA Volunteer are:
+The easiest tasks for a new QA Volunteer are:
   - Verify bug fixes.  This helps you gain familiarity with the OpenOffice product, and our
process.  This 
 verification is also very important, since some bug fixes either fail to fix the bug, or
 a new bug.
+  - Confirm new defect reports.   You review incoming defect reports, often from users and
not very clearly written.
+You learn to "read between the lines" and fill in missing steps to turn the raw report into
a reproducible
+defect that the developers can debug and fix.
   - Manual testing.  This gains you further familiarity with QA process, by executing pre-defined
test cases and
 writing up defect reports for any new defects found
   - Writing new test cases.  This is a more advanced topic, but after mastery of the above
two steps, and learning
@@ -190,6 +193,28 @@ Select the bug you want to verify:
 this as you learn to "think like a bug".
  1. Change defect status to "Verified" (this action requires "CanEdit" privilege" in Bugzilla
system, if you cannot do that then send mail to mailing list and ask other QA do this for
+### Confirm New Defect Reports
+You can get a list of unconfirmed defect reports with from [this query](
+Select the report you want to confirm:
+ 1. Incoming reports could be from other project members, from power users or from new users.
  Some might not
+even be real defect reports.  It might be a support question or a request for a new feature.
 So your first
+task is to do determine what you really have here. 
+ 1. Ask yourself:  Are they saying that something is working incorrectly?  Or are they asking
for new functionality?
+If they are asking for a new feature, change the Issue Type field to "FEATURE".  You are
now done with that report.
+ 1. Search Bugzilla to see if this is a duplicate defect report.  If it is, change the Status
to Resolved, Duplicate
+and type in the defect number that this report is a duplicate of.  You are now done with
this report.
+ 1. If the report is reporting a defect, try to reproduce it with the latest release of OpenOffice.
 If the report
+is not clear enough to reproduce, enter a comment asking for more information and add the
"needmoreinfo" keyword.  
+When the user responds you will be copied on their response and can continue with this report.
 But for now you
+are done with this report.
+ 1. If you can reproduce the defect, set the status to CONFIRMED, set the "Last Confirmation"
field to the 
+release that you tested with, and set the Importance field to an appropriate value, depending
on the severity
+of the defect.
+ 1. If you cannot confirm the bug, and the bug report was clear, then change the status to
 ###Manual Testing
 To get more familiar with AOO, now you can try to perform some manual test cases.

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