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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > AOO 4.x - Logo Explorations
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2013 04:52:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: AOO 4.x - Logo Explorations (

Change Comment:
I have added numbers to the logos

Edited by V.Kadal Amutham:
h2. *Creative Brief*

How might we update or enhance our product visual identifier/logo to best reflect our brand?

h2. Brand Attributes

The Apache OpenOffice brand reflects the following attributes:

* global
* open
* transparent
* accessible
* clean
* strong
* leader
* approachable
* innovative
* modern
* sharp
* usable
* lightweight

h2. Visual Elements

The following visual elements are associate with the Apache OpenOffice products:
* globe, orb, circle
* document, page, square, rectangle
* transparent materials
* letter O & O
* apache feather
* gulls, page curls
* document, book, booklet

h2. Brainstorming

No wrong answers here, just a collection of sketches realizing the visual elements.

h5. Kevin Grignon - Concepts

!Concept 03 - Sketch.JPG|thumbnail,border=1!

!Concpet 04 - Sketch.JPG|thumbnail,border=1!

!Concpet 05 - Sketch.JPG|thumbnail,border=1!

!Concpet 06 - Sketch.JPG|thumbnail,border=1!

!Concpet 07 - Sketch.JPG|thumbnail,border=1!

!Concpet 08 - Sketch.JPG|thumbnail,border=1!

!Concpet 09 - Sketch.JPG|thumbnail,border=1!

!Concept 09 - Medium Fidelity.png|thumbnail,border=1!
- docs
- transparent

!Concpet 10 - Sketch.JPG|thumbnail,border=1!

h5. Lucas Filho  - Concepts


*1.Graham Lauder* \-  *Graphical Text for Logo text*

This is another example of a text graphic created in inkscape used instead of some type of
typeface.  It's a San Serif type font and can be modified as an svg. !OpenOfficeText.png|border=1!
PNG version: !OOLogoText.png|border=1!

h4. 2.Michael Acevedo - Concept Logo for AOO 4 Proposal #1 (12-15-2012)


This logo proposal changes makes use of a new font and logo scheme to present the word OpenOffice
by updating the orb as a flat surface and placing a "donut" hole (which represents the open
nature of AOO as an open source project) in the orb along with our trademark gulls effectively
making it an "O" which anchors the words "Open" and "Office" but with the use of a single
"O". The logo also makes use of a new typeface.

 !AOO 4 LOGO.jpg|border=1,height=300!

h4. {color:#000000}{*}3.Michael Acevedo - Concept Logo for AOO 4 Proposal #2 (12-19-2012)*{color}

The second logo proposal for Apache OpenOffice 4 is more conservative, conventional,
and simplistic than the previous logo proposal; which makes the new open office logo more
recognizable among the community. The new logo proposal makes use of an updated OpenOffice
orb which now rests on four squares that represents the four main applications associated
with an office suite (Blue= Writer, Green= Calc, Orange= Impress, and Violet= Base). In addition
the orb now is surrounded by a white belvel emboss ring that makes the logo look more like
a pin and actually makes it stand out of the four background squares

. !AOO 4 LOGO v2-5 Small copy.jpg|border=1!

h4. {color:#000000}{*}4.Michael Acevedo - Concept Logo for AOO 4 Proposal #3, 4, 5, 6, and
7 (12-20-2012)*{color}

Below there are 5 additional logos for the Apache OpenOffice project, all of these follow
a similar language to logo proposal 2. !AOO 4 LOGO All Proposals 2.jpg|border=1!

!AOO 4 LOGO All Proposals 3.jpg|border=1!

h4. [5.JZA#display/~jza|JZA#display/~jza] \- AOO 4 Logo proposal

A design quite different from the Gulls and even the parameters used. The logo applies more
basic elements with a second version that is more complex. It tries to emulate some symbolism
of continuity and dynamic evolution. Is not meant to be a finished design but the inspiration
to think different about logos and image of the product.


A more complex version with something that is between feathers or the flow of water. It add
some dynamism and speed to the _continuity symbol_.


Some suggestions on improving the fonts and color combination has already been contributed.
A more rounded and contrasting font might improve the impact of the logo.

h4. *6.Michael Acevedo - Concept Logo for Apache OpenOffice 4.0 Proposals #8 and #9 (12-26-2012).*

The designs below are the eight and ninth versions of my proposal logos for the Apache OpenOffice
4.0 logo. This new design does away with the orb and changes it for a gull ring that rests
under a blue background which itself rests on circles which are inspired on the Adobe Flex
logo multicolor scheme. The new gull ring while being new retains the familiar circular shape
of the current OpenOffice logo, but at the same time is a new take that pays respect to the
orb. All of these elements are wrapped in a modern black gradient icon than makes the logo
stand out. Furthermore, the new logo actually changes the look of the word OpenOffice (also
an inspiration from the Adobe Flex project logo) into a more modern non-capitalized "openoffice"
design. The latter serves the function of highlighting Apache as the owner of the project
(whose name is in capital letters), yet the non-capitalized "openoffice" names takes presence
by being written in a larger size font. Overall, the new logo design is simple, clean, and

Below there are two designs, the first one (top) is the proposed official logo for the project
and the second logo (bottom) has a slightly smaller icon that is geared toward website header
use and banners.

!AOO Logo Proposals 8 and 9 downscaled.jpg|border=1!

h4. 7.Robin Fowler - Logo proposal OpenOffice 4 (01-31-2013)

The gulls in this logo are aligned to form the shape of a book. On one of the pages there's
text (writer) and the other there's a spreadsheet (calc). The font used is the Bitstream Vera.
The feather is white like the gulls, the reason for not using the apache brand feather is
simply that it doesn't really match the design.


h4. 8.Michael Acevedo \- *Concept Logo for Apache OpenOffice 4.0 Proposals #10 and
#11 (1-31-2013).*

The following logo which I affectionately call "BlueCon", takes a cue of
logo designs 9 and 10, but actually makes it simple by taking the multicolored rings away
and repaints the icon to the OpenOffice blue color. As with proposal 9 and 10 seagull ring
remains and the design for the word "openoffice" is carried over as well. This logo addresses
observations made about logos 9 and 10 being "too crowded" due to the application rings. The
new coloring of the icon represents the whole OpenOffice suite, something that the original
seagull orb accomplished. Logo proposal 10 is oriented to be used on the office suite, where
logo proposal 11 is geared towards being used on the project's webpage as the icon has been
scaled down to be more header friendly. !AOO 4 LOGO Proposals Bluecon.jpg!

h2. Notes

- consider a logo content, as seen in Flex
- Apache OpenOffice is a continuation of, consider retaining aspects of previous
OpenOffice logo for continuity
- consider including Apache in logo

h2. Test

Sample document attachment: [^sample_document.odt]

h4. 9.Carl Marcum - Rough Concept Logo for Apache OpenOffice 4.0

This is a rough draft of my thoughts for a logo. Borrowing the text portion from Michael Acevedo's
proposal and the 3.4 orb.
Colors are added as a bar beneath text. The "S" shapes ends of the colors are from the icons
(Sun styling I think?).
The colors could be attached together and gradient applied maybe.
I hope if someone likes this they can pursue it further as I'm not an artist :-)


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