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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > 2013 Apr
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2013 07:45:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: 2013 Apr (

Edited by jan iversen:
_Reporting to the Apache Board is a periodic task of the Apache OpenOffice PMC Chair. See
and [here|]
for context._

Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is an open-source, office-document productivity
suite providing six productivity applications based around the
OpenDocument Format (ODF). OpenOffice is released on multiple
platforms and in dozens of languages.

Issues for Board Awareness

The project had a long policy discussion on veto powers and code
reverts: the discussion was difficult also due to uncertainties about
the Apache policy, now clarified after an articulated discussion on the
members list; this will reduce the risk of similar discussions to
happen again in future. This remained an isolated incident.

Community Development/Outreach Progress

The project added a new committer, Samer Mansour.

Blog posts calling for new development, documentation, QA, design
volunteers have proved successful, with many new people contacting the
mailing lists and some providing sustained contributions to the
discussions and activities. Orientation modules for new volunteers were
made available, to simplify introduction of new volunteers.

Apache OpenOffice participated in FOSDEM 2013 in Brussels, with a
booth for two days and a dedicated track (devroom) for a full day of
technical talks, and in ApacheCon NA in Portland, with presentations
and meetings.

The OpenOffice Wiki, running on MediaWiki, was very unstable. It has
been fresh installed on a new vm and updated to the latest release by
one of our committers with the guideance of Infra, and is now stable,
documented and maintained.

A new documentation effort for an end-users manual under the ALv2
licence was started on the OpenOffice Wiki.

A new project logo is currently being selected for version 4.0.

A small team of volunteers was created to take care of the LAMP virtual
machines used for the OpenOffice Wiki, the OpenOffice Forum and an
ASF-wide new Pootle server for software translations. The Apache
Infrastructure team is providing guidance and support. The OpenOffice
infrastructure needs have been discussed with Infra to allow proper
planning and budgeting.

Community support forums remain popular with users. The mailing lists
for user support, localization, QA and marketing are quite active. As
Apache OpenOffice is a client product, we continue to investigate ways
to direct users to appropriate support venues. The developer list,
ooo-dev, remains very active.

Product/Project Development Progress

The project released an update to version 3.4.1 in late January,
to include 8 new language translations made available by volunteers. 

The next OpenOffice release will be labeled 4.0. Plans are to release
in June, 2013.  

New ports, languages and other distribution channels are expected. The
new release in June will be provided in many more native languages. New
volunteers have come forth to assist with this effort. Build work has
started for reinstating OpenOffice into Linux repositories, currently
Fedora at this time.

Our source tree has been cleaned for non en-US messages (these are kept
in external files), mostly old "de", allowing normal translation of
these parts.

A new localization process, eventually leading to a more efficient
translation workflow and a massive cleanup of tools and intermediate
formats, is being implemented.

Most of the work towards version 4.0 is being done in branches, with
integration to trunk expected to begin soon. Buildbots and QA tests
cover both trunk and branches, to guarantee optimal coverage.

Work is beginning on a Strategic Plan for the project. The plan will
likely be sub-divided into various components: Web/Wiki, User Support,
Documentation, Project: General, Project: Writer, Project: Calc,
Project:Base, etc. We anticipate this will be a rather lengthy process
involving both volunteers and our end users.

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