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Subject svn commit: r1547570 - /openoffice/ooo-site/trunk/content/download/common/instructions.html
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2013 20:23:58 GMT
Author: kschenk
Date: Tue Dec  3 20:23:57 2013
New Revision: 1547570

A few changes to the Linux install area


Modified: openoffice/ooo-site/trunk/content/download/common/instructions.html
--- openoffice/ooo-site/trunk/content/download/common/instructions.html (original)
+++ openoffice/ooo-site/trunk/content/download/common/instructions.html Tue Dec  3 20:23:57
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ migrate your old profile settings to the
   	<li><a href="#linux-general">Linux General Installation Notes: RPM or DEB</a></li>
   	<li><a href="#linux-rpm">Linux RPM-based</a></li>
   	<li><a href="#linux-deb">Linux DEB-based</a></li>
-  	<li><a href="#other_linux">Packages for Linux Distributions</a></li>

+  	<li><a href="#other_linux">Additional Linux Information</a></li>

   <li><b><a href="#problems">Installation Problems</a></b></li>
@@ -340,12 +340,15 @@ exists, on your system.</p>
   <li>Finally, start up Apache OpenOffice 4.0.x to insure it's working.</li>
-<h3 id="other_linux">Packages for Linux Distributions (Not compiled by Apache OpenOffice
+<h3 id="other_linux">Additional Linux Information</h3>
+<h5>Apache OpenOffice provided packages</h5>
 <p>The Linux downloads provided on the Apache OpenOffice site (mirrors) are generic
for either the RPM- or DEB-based package
 managers. If you have experience in directly installing these types of packages on your system,
one of these types of
 installs should work for you. They are not specific to a particular Linux distribution.</p>
+<h5>Apache OpenOffice from Linux distros</h5>
 <p>Many Linux distributions now include a version of Apache OpenOffice in their own
native package manager format (.rpm,
 .deb, etc.) either from their own repositories or community repositories which they support.
These packages have been built
 and are supported by the distributions' own teams or community members, not by Apache OpenOffice.
Some distributions have
@@ -358,6 +361,18 @@ Please check carefully before using a th
 you will require. Replacing a 'native' distribution build with the full Apache OpenOffice
original build can be tricky, but
 can usually be successfully accomplished by completely removing the existing 'native' install.</p>
+<h5>Useful sites for Linux installation</h5>
+<p>The following links are additional resources for installing Apache OpenOffice on
Linux by other parties. We hope you
+    find them useful.
+    <ul>
+        <li><a href="">Unofficial
debian repository</a></li>
+        <li><a href="">Installing
Apache OpenOffice on Fedora</a></li>
+        <li><a href="">How
to Install on Ubuntu</a></li>
+    </ul>
   <a href="">SuSE</a>

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