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Subject svn commit: r14611 - in /dev/openoffice/4.1.2-patch1/binaries/Windows: ./ README-4.1.2-patch1-apply-Windows.txt
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2016 04:05:03 GMT
Author: orcmid
Date: Tue Aug  2 04:05:03 2016
New Revision: 14611

Add version 0.0.0 (alpha) of Windows README

    dev/openoffice/4.1.2-patch1/binaries/Windows/README-4.1.2-patch1-apply-Windows.txt   (with

Added: dev/openoffice/4.1.2-patch1/binaries/Windows/README-4.1.2-patch1-apply-Windows.txt
--- dev/openoffice/4.1.2-patch1/binaries/Windows/README-4.1.2-patch1-apply-Windows.txt (added)
+++ dev/openoffice/4.1.2-patch1/binaries/Windows/README-4.1.2-patch1-apply-Windows.txt [UTF-8]
Tue Aug  2 04:05:03 2016
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+Hash: SHA256
+README-4.1.2-patch1-apply-Windows.txt 0.0.0      UTF-8         2016-08-01
+          =======================================================
+        This material is for developer and quality-assurance review,
+        testing, and revision.  When completed, general-distribution
+        materials will be downloadable from internet location
+   <>
+   The archive file 
+   contains files for manually adding a fix to Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2
+   on Microsoft Windows.  The fix eliminates a security vulnerability 
+   identified as CVE-2016-1513.  The latest details about that 
+   vulnerability and its mitigation can be found on the web at page
+   <>.
+   If you are not confortable with this procedure, please consult a
+   knowledgable family member or acquaintance that is able to assist
+   you.  If you did not setup the Windows PC yourself, see if someone
+   who is expert in maintaining PCs can be of assistance.
+   Do not accept assistance or advice from strangers who contact you
+   by telephone or email, regardless of the organizations they claim
+   to represent and what they say they are aware of concerning your
+   computer.
+           CONTENT
+              A. Prerequisites
+              B. Preliminiaries
+              C. Procedure
+              D. Confirmation
+              E. Removing the Patch
+  * Confidence accessing technical features of the Windows operating 
+    system and modifying software files that are part of the system.
+    installed. 
+  * OPTIONAL: Disconnecting and reconnecting your computer from the
+    Internet and any other network while performing the patch procedure.
+  * Ability to acccess and navigate the file system of your computer.
+  * Understanding how to locate the computer folder where the Apache
+    OpenOffice software is installed for operation.
+  * Ability to identify files by their full names and check their 
+    sizes, date stamps, and other properties.
+  * Enabling administrative privileges for carrying out operations that
+    require such permissions.
+  * Renaming files; copying files from one location to another in
+    operating-system locations.
+  * Extracting the contents of a Zip package into a folder from which
+    which the Zipped contents can be reviewed and used.
+  * Downloading to a
+    location on your Windows PC where it can be used and its content
+    extracted.
+  * OPTIONAL: Confirming correctness of downloads by verifying the 
+    hash-check (.md5 and .sha256) files.
+  * OPTIONAL: Confirming correctness and authenticity of the downloads
+    by verifying the digital-signature (.asc) files using PGP software
+    and the public KEYS file obtained by you from internet location
+    <>. 
+  * Open Apache OpenOffice and confirm that you are using Apache
+    OpenOffice 4.1.2.  The version is found in the Help menu About 
+    OpenOffice dialog.
+  * Verify that a number of Apache OpenOffice documents that are important
+    to you open correctly without having made any changes to the software
+    yet.  For any problem documents, close them without saving.  Those
+    problems exist without the patch and should be reported separately.
+  * When you have completed that work, verify that the Apache OpenOffice
+    quickstarter is not operating.  Click on the OpenOffice Tools menu 
+    "Options ..." selection.  On the Options dialog sidebar, under 
+    OpenOffice, select the Memory entry.  On that panel, remove any check
+    at "Load OpenOffice during system start-up" under "OpenOffice 
+    Quickstarter."  Click OK on the Options dialog.
+  * Exit OpenOffice.  Restart your Windows PC.
+    At first, read through all steps of this procedure so you can 
+    anticipate what each step leads up to and what actions will be 
+    required of you in completing the procedure.
+ 1. If you have not already done so, download the Zip archive
+ from the internet,
+    using the web browser of your choice.  The Downloads folder of your
+    user account on Windows is fine to use.
+ 2. If the download succeeds without problems, .zip file is available to
+    use.  It will also be checked when you perform the extraction at step
+    (5).  For additional authentication, verify the digital signature
+    and/or or one of the hash checks if you have the software needed
+    for that.
+ 3. Open the folder where you downloaded the zip archive.  
+ 3. Right click on the .zip file's file name to see the context menu for
+    that file.
+ 4. Click "Extract all ..." on the context menu.
+ 5. Use the folder name that is proposed by the extraction dialog and
+    complete the extraction.
+    [Note: If you have other utilities that you use for Zip and unZip of
+    .zip files, the remainder of this procedure assumes you have 
+    extracted the .zip content in a manner that has the same result.]
+ 6. If there is no damage to the .zip file, you will have a folder
+    named apache-openoffice-4.1.2-patch1-apply-Win_x86 in the
+    same place as the downloaded .zip file.  It will have these
+    contents:
+         README-4.1.2-patch1-apply-Windows.txt
+            The version of this procedure that applies for that 
+            package.
+         LICENSE.txt
+            The Apache License Version 2.0 under which the .zip and
+            its content are licensed.
+         NOTICE.txt
+            A notice about the origin of the content.
+            The patched tl.dll library file to be installed in the
+            Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2 software.  The properties on this
+            file identify it as having 620,544 bytes and it was created
+            on Tuesday, July 5, 2016, 18:08:28.
+            A digital signature provided by the developer of
+            that can be used to verify the authenticity and origin
+            of using suitable software for that purpose.
+            The properties on this file identify it as having 819 bytes
+            created on Thursday, July 14, 2016.
+ 7. Now, as an additional precaution, you can disconnect your computer from
+    the Internet and any other networks.  If you do so, remember to 
+    re-establish your connection when the following steps are completed
+    or suspended.
+ 8. Now find the folder on your operating-system drive where OpenOffice
+    is installed, usually on the (C:) drive.  OpenOffice will be in the
+    "Program Files (x86)" folder if there is one.  Otherwise, OpenOffice
+    will be in the "Program Files" folder.
+ 9. IMPORTANT.  At any time in the following steps (10-16), there may be
+    notification that you must be an administrator to perform an 
+    action or to continue.  
+     * If there is a button by which you can give administrator 
+       permission, do so.
+     * If you are required to provide an administrator password and
+       you know it, provide it.
+     * Otherwise, you may need to upgrade your user account to be
+       be an administrator, returning to this step after having done that.
+       Remember to restore your user account to its previous non-
+       administrator function when you complete or need to suspend
+       this procedure.
+10. Open the folder selected in step (7).  Scroll through that folder
+    until you find the folder "OpenOffice 4" there.
+11. Within the "OpenOffice 4" folder, find and open the "program" folder.
+12. In the "OpenOffice 4\program" folder, locate the file named "tl.dll".
+    Right-click on the filename and select "Properties".  In the tl.dll
+    Properties dialog, General panel, the size will be 620,032 bytes and
+    the Created: date will be Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 16:49:50.
+13. Rename the "tl.dll" file to "tl.dll.old".  Now you can restore it
+    if for some reason you want to remove the patch later.
+14. Now arrange to have the "OpenOffice 4" folder and the folder 
+    "apache-openoffice-4.1.2-patch1-apply-Win_x86" both open, so that
+    the title bar of the first is not covered by the second.  If the
+    folders overlap, the extracted .zip folder should be on top.
+15. With the mouse hovering over in the patch1 folder, 
+    with the keyboard Ctrl key held down, hold the right mouse button
+    down over the file name and drag to the title bar of
+    the "OpenOffice 4\program\" folder.  Release the mouse button and
+    the Ctrl key.  If this operation succeeds, there will be a copy of
+ in the "OpenOffice 4" program folder. 
+16. In the program folder, rename "" to "tl.dll".
+17. The procedure is completed.  You may close the programs folder and
+    the patch1 folder.
+    NOTE: If you reinstall Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2, the patch will not
+    be preserved and you will need to re-apply it.  If you install a
+    later version of Apache OpenOffice, the patch will be unnecessary. 
+  * Start Apache OpenOffice.  There should be no visible difference and
+    the program should operate normally.
+  * Verify the documents that were successfully opened in the 
+    PRELIMINARIES step at the top of this procedure.  They should open
+    the same as before.  There should be no discernable difference in
+    operation.  
+  * If any document that succeeded before now opens incorrectly or fails
+    to open, please report that case to the project via the
+ public mailing list.  Do save any
+    incorrectly-opened/failed documents.  Close them if necessary and
+    leave them alone.  Please report the situation.  
+  If there are any problems with known-good documents, you can restore
+  the original "tl.dll".  The patch can be removed any time that you
+  are concerned that some problem is related to having installed the
+  patch.
+  To remove the patch, simply rename the patched "tl.dll" back to 
+  "" and then rename the "tl.dll.old" file to "tl.dll".  
+  This is easier if you no longer use quickstarter.  Qickstarter 
+  is generally not needed on modern Windows PCs.
+          *** end of README-4.1.2-patch1-apply-Windows.txt ***
+Version: GnuPG v2

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