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Subject svn commit: r1785511 - /openoffice/ooo-site/trunk/content/da/product/index.mdtext
Date Sat, 04 Mar 2017 18:41:27 GMT
Author: mseidel
Date: Sat Mar  4 18:41:26 2017
New Revision: 1785511

Further Danish translation


Modified: openoffice/ooo-site/trunk/content/da/product/index.mdtext
--- openoffice/ooo-site/trunk/content/da/product/index.mdtext (original)
+++ openoffice/ooo-site/trunk/content/da/product/index.mdtext Sat Mar  4 18:41:26 2017
@@ -54,30 +54,30 @@ Apache OpenOffice er **nemt at bruge**:
 - The software looks and feels familiar and is instantly usable by anyone who
   has used a competitive product
-- It's easy to change to Apache OpenOffice - the software reads all major
-  competitors' files
+- Det er nemt at skifte til Apache OpenOffice – softwaren forstår at læse alle
+  de store konkurrenters filer
 - Few [language barriers][4] - if it's not yet available in your language,
   the chances are it will be soon
-- Apache OpenOffice is supported by a global community of friendly volunteers, 
-happy to provide assistance to newcomers and advanced users alike
+- Apache OpenOffice er understøttet af et globalt fællesskab af venlige frivillige,
+  som er glade for at yde assistance til både nye og avancerede brugere
-Apache OpenOffice is **free software**:
+Apache OpenOffice er et **gratis program**:
-- You may download Apache OpenOffice completely free of any license fees
-- Install it on as many PCs as you like
-- Use it for any purpose - private, educational, government and public
-  administration, commercial...
-- Pass on copies free of charge to family, friends, students, employees, etc.
+- Du kan downloade Apache OpenOffice helt gratis, uden licensafgifter
+- Installer det på så mange computere som du vil
+- Brug det til ethvert formål – Privat, uddannelsesmæssigt , regeringsmæssigt,
+  den offentlige myndighed og kommercielt…
+- Videregiv eksemplarer gratis til familie, venner, studerende, medarbejdere m.v.
-Apache OpenOffice is **standards compliant**:
+Apache OpenOffice er **standard kompatibel**:
-- The first software package in the world to use [OASIS][6] [OpenDocument Format][7] (ISO/IEC
-  as its native file format.
+- Den første software pakke i verden til at benytte [OASIS][6] [OpenDocument Format][7]
(ISO/IEC 26300)
+  som sit oprindelige filformat.
-### [Find out more][8] or [try it today][1]!
+### [Find ud af mere][8] eller [prøv det i dag][1]!
-[1]: /download "Download Apache OpenOffice"
+[1]: /download "Hent Apache OpenOffice"
 [2]: /about_us/milestones.html
 [3]: reviews.html
 [4]: /projects/native-lang.html

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