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From Maho NAKATA <>
Subject Re: So what about QA?
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 02:21:40 GMT
Hi Rob

I'm a QA project lead,

From: RA Stehmann <>
Subject: Re: So what about QA?
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 15:42:50 +0200

> Rob Weir schrieb:
>> We've had a lot of discussions from the dev, documentation, education,
>> translation/localization perspectives.  But I haven't really heard
>> anything about testing.
>> Could someone brief us on how QA was handled with OOo?  Was it a
>> community effort?  Or was it done by Sun/Oracle? Was there any test
>> automation?  Or was it manual?  Are there test documents available?
>> Are there unit/pre-integration tests?  Or are they mainly tests of the
>> integrated product?
>> And given what was done before, what worked well and should be done
>> the same way in Apache?  And what didn't work so well and should be
>> changed?
> As I'm married with the Person, which is in authority for the QA in the
> germanophone community, I want to give my 2 cents.
> QA was done by SUN/Oracle and the community.

See also, what is done in QA in Hamburg (Oracle) can be found:
> The development collateral QA was mostly done by employees of
> SUN/Oracle, but in some cases also members of the community test so
> called cws-builds.

> Testing of the milestones, betas and release canditates was done by die
> natural language communities. 

and Hamburg as well.


> We have some tools for doing and
> organizing the testing esp. scripts for automatic tests.

We have also done manual tests, at TCM.
we define test cases, and check by volunteers by hands.

Other than that
Pavel Janik and myself have been providing builds for every milestones so
that we can test for minor languages and platforms.

> Mechtilde as the Ansprechpartner (contact person) QA of the germanophone
> community decides finally what germanophone versions (Win, Solaris, deb,
> rpm etc.) will be released, But their was no controversy about that in
> the past.

Enoki Shinji was the QA manager of the Japanese language project. 

> The general decision whether a milestone is good enough to be released
> as beta or final version was found in the release status meeting. In
> this IRC-meetings was a great effort to find a consensus.

-- Nakata Maho , JA OOO ,GPG:

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