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From Daniel Shahaf <>
Subject Re: Consequences of Working in Office Documents Here
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 03:58:18 GMT
Dennis E. Hamilton wrote on Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 19:20:13 -0700:
> On a different list, not just here on ooo-dev, there has been some
> surprise to see us putting binaries (ODF documents) into some SVN
> locations used by the PPMC. 
> My impression is that the experienced hands here in ASF are expecting
> to see DIFFs in commit messages on SVN, but binaries don't get DIFFed
> since it is usually unintelligible and almost always uninteresting.
> For some, it is new news that ODF packages are not XML files.
> Someone suggested that one could unpack the Zip of these documents and
> then do diffs of the respective XML parts and that could serve as
> a DIFF on what the changes are.  They also noticed they'd never seen
> that done.
> On seeing that suggestion (clearly the kinds of things developers
> think of, it being what we do), it struck me that we have a geeks are
> from Mars, users are from Venus situation here.
> I think the clash of expectations has to do with the differences in
> tools that are applicable at the level we work at, and how we see what
> it is we are at work on.
> We need to understand that we really have different experience sets,
> and they all are important in the context of the
> project.
> Here is a geeky explanation of why it does no good to figure out
> a better way to show DIFFs of the XML inside an ODF package if you
> want to know what an author contributor/committer changed.  (You might
> want that as a forensics tool, but not for knowing what someone
> changed in the course of their work on a document.)
> My (updated) explanation:

Long email.  In the end, the expectation is for commit mails to contain
reviewable diffs, I don't think you've addressed how that might be done?

(as opposed to how it shouldn't be done)

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