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From Frank Peters <>
Subject Re: Wiki for the project
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 17:14:35 GMT
> It strikes me that there are two different wikis being talked about
> right now.
> One is one that we need in the podling for incubation activities.
> The other(s) are wikis that are part of the
> infrastructure for a variety of purposes and may be public facing in
> different ways.
> I'm not sure they should be comingled at this point.  After all,
> something we may need quickly in the podling is a wiki where we
> gather around the campfire on what the others are and what to do with
> them, how long will they stay where they are, etc.

The only distinction that would make sense here is a
contributor vs a user wiki, where the latter is used
for documentation for people just interested in using
the software, and the former is used for anything around
the project.

The current OOo wiki instance is covering both and IMO this
is a good thing since it allows you to pull users
to the contributor side more easily and makes project
efforts more transparent to the end-user.

Why don't we start an Apache wiki with podling activities and
work on preparing the migration of data from the current
wiki. It would also be a good opportunity to do some
housekeeping there. We would finally end up with one
wiki for both the project and the product.

> PS: I know that the LibreOffice folk have been rapidly rebranding and
> reissuing user documentation as well, along with on-line and off-line
> help.  I am not sure whether it is all Creative Commons Attribution
> (some have that as part of a dual licensing, it appears, others seem
> to be rather murky concerning what the license might be), but I
> suspect we need to give some consideration to whether and how that
> effort is accommodated.

Online help originally is LGPL since it is part of the
source tree. I have been involved in both the help XML format
and the help authoring framework that was mentioned in another
thread, so I'd be happy to help out here as well.

One thing we need to consider is the cost of localization
of the application help (around 400k words), so we should
carefully balance cost for the project vs benefit to the user.

My favorite way to go would be having core help with the bits
and "extended" help online, but that is off-topic here.


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