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From Frank Peters <>
Subject Re: Wiki for the project
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 17:48:25 GMT

> Um, so where would that and other thoughts be on-topic?  I have many
> thoughts about on-/off-line help bridging too.  Is this the
> ooo-issues list.  (I really must catch up on my reading of the
> groundrules here.)
> I take it that the on-line help is under Oracle copyright and can
> be/has been licensed by Oracle then?

Yes. "Online" help (that is, the application help) is a module
in the source tree (helpcontent2) and under Oracle Copyright.
I guess it was part of the bits donated to Apache?

> What do you mean by one wiki for both the project and the product?  I

One for contributors (project planning, drafts, developer docs
+ guidelines) one for consumers (user manuals, online help,
training, tutorials).

> am always concerned that non-developing users, even power users have
> collaborative resources that work in the context of their needs and
> interests.

I'm sorry but I don't think that I get your point here.


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