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From Christian Lippka>
Subject Re: Files generated by Visual Studio
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2011 07:31:25 GMT
 From my experience with such files they are not really generated files 
in a sense
that you have a source file, a build tool and a generated target file. 
They are
basically templates, generated from a user interface wizard. In some cases
you will not edit such templates as they serve your needs for simple tasks.

I may be wrong on this but I doubt that there are command line tools
available to create a single stdafx.h or foobar.rc. Sure it would be easy
to write one but then it would also be based on a template file.

I agree with Greg that MS would never attempt to claim copyright and I don't
think these files deserve more attention by creating a custom build tool.
More trouble than it is worth.

Just my .02€

/me wonders when the fruitless discussion of top-posting vs 
bottom-posting kicks in...

Am 21.06.2011 09:10, schrieb Greg Stein:
> I seriously doubt that Microsoft would attempt to claim copyright on
> outputs from their tools. Their entire ecosystem would crumble if they
> tried to claim such ownership.
> My issue is with putting *any* generated files into version control.
> That just doesn't make sense because it means that you can get skew
> between the inputs and the (checked-in) outputs. Each developer should
> be generating the outputs based on whatever inputs are in their
> working copy. That ensures that the outputs are always synchronized.
> Cheers,
> -g
> On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 03:05, Andor E<>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> about half of this stuff looks, like it was autogenerated by Visual
>> Studio. Especially the StdAfx.* files. This might put them under a
>> Microsoft copyright.
>> Greetings
>> eymux
>> On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 8:47 AM, Mathias Bauer<>  wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> we have some files that have been generated by Visual C++ and then checked
>>> in for the build (if modified or unmodified - I don't know).
>>> I assume that theses files are owned by the developer that created it and so
>>> have an Oracle copyright (either through creation of a Sun/Oracle employee
>>> or by contributing it under SCA). I just wanted to give a chance for
>>> discussion before I put them on the list of Oracle files:
>>> desktop/win32/source/QuickStart/OOQuickStart.rc
>>> desktop/win32/source/QuickStart/StdAfx.h
>>> embedserv/source/embed/stdafx.cpp
>>> embedserv/source/inc/stdafx.h
>>> extensions/source/activex/main/resource.h
>>> extensions/source/activex/main/so_activex.rc
>>> extensions/source/activex/main/StdAfx2.cpp
>>> extensions/source/activex/main/StdAfx2.h
>>> extensions/test/ole/EventListenerSample/EventListener/EventListener.rc
>>> extensions/test/ole/EventListenerSample/EventListener/resource.h
>>> extensions/test/ole/EventListenerSample/EventListener/StdAfx.cpp
>>> extensions/test/ole/EventListenerSample/EventListener/StdAfx.h
>>> extensions/test/ole/MfcControl/MfcControl.rc
>>> extensions/test/ole/MfcControl/Resource.h
>>> extensions/test/ole/MfcControl/StdAfx.cpp
>>> extensions/test/ole/MfcControl/StdAfx.h
>>> fpicker/source/win32/filepicker/Fps.rc
>>> fpicker/source/win32/filepicker/resource.h
>>> odk/examples/OLE/activex/StdAfx2.cpp
>>> odk/examples/OLE/activex/StdAfx2.h
>>> sal/workben/clipboardwben/testcopy/resource.h
>>> sal/workben/clipboardwben/testcopy/StdAfx.cpp
>>> sal/workben/clipboardwben/testcopy/StdAfx.h
>>> sal/workben/clipboardwben/testpaste/cbptest.rc
>>> sal/workben/clipboardwben/testpaste/resource.h
>>> sal/workben/clipboardwben/testpaste/StdAfx.cpp
>>> sal/workben/clipboardwben/testpaste/StdAfx.h
>>> sal/workben/clipboardwben/testviewer/cbvtest.rc
>>> sal/workben/clipboardwben/testviewer/resource.h
>>> sal/workben/clipboardwben/testviewer/StdAfx.cpp
>>> sal/workben/clipboardwben/testviewer/StdAfx.h
>>> xmerge/source/activesync/resource.h
>>> xmerge/source/activesync/stdafx.cpp
>>> xmerge/source/activesync/stdafx.h
>>> xmerge/source/activesync/XMergeSync.rc
>>> Regards,
>>> Mathias

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