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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: Some more strange files in the OOo code
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2011 14:58:36 GMT
On 21.06.2011 13:40, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> Simon Phipps wrote:
>> Certainly the code cleanup performed by the LibreOffice developers
>> over the last 9 months has had a huge impact, both in terms of code
>> footprint and performance.
> Can you provide any supporting data? Having some "canonical" metrics
> would also help in evaluating the future code rewrite that will have to
> be done at Apache.
> Not to diminish at all the work done by the LibreOffice developers, but
> as far as I know the largest code cleanup changes (criteria: number of
> developers involved, number of modified lines) made in LibreOffice
> concerned translation of comments and removal of dead ("#if 0") code,
> and this cannot affect footprint or performance.
> I saw published stats about how the icon deduplication will reduce
> footprint in future releases (and, to a lesser extent, in current
> releases) of LibreOffice, but nothing significant on performance. Could
> you share some data on it, and especially some metrics that can be
> retested with the future Apache code to assess its performance
> improvements? Thanks!

Just because you asked, caused by Simon's non-developer view of things:
If have checked the latest versions (3.3 and 3.4 Beta) of LO and OOo. I 
tested warm start and document load/save performance of Writer, and the 
differences on Windows and Ubuntu Linux are negligible. (The usual kind 
of test: boot machine, do a cold start of the application, then 
calculate the average time of 5 "warm" runs).

But the current work they do with library rearrangement looks 
interesting. Merging libraries (or even better: completely rearranging 
their content based on its relevance for the startup) should improve 
startup performance. We (the OOo framework team) had planned to work on 
that also. A lot of refactoring work in the last 2 years was done in 
preparation for that.

So indeed nothing the LO developers have done has observably improved 
the overall performance. The great thing the LO developers did is the 
code cleanup. It doesn't make the application faster, but handling and 
understanding the code is improved. Perhaps it also helps with the 
library rearrangement.

Anyway, let's talk about OOo now.


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