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From RA Stehmann <>
Subject Re: New goals for OOo
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 07:49:13 GMT
Grzegorz Rajda schrieb:
> Good evening,
> All write this to other mailing-list as response to mail from Key
> Schenk. I wan't discus this with You and back to OOo development. What
> You think about that?
> Last changes in infrastructure (Oracle, LibreOffice etc.) needs from us
> new goals to create reborn release of OOo. I have some ideas and proposals.
> 1. Easy structure:
> - one page in native languages (auto-detect language, use right strings)
> - one repository for code (if somebody can commit, they can do something
> for whole source code, one method, without individual keys)
> - one bug-tracker for any language with bugs merging (developers who
> know english and navive lang should merge bug reports.)
> - one code, one standard, one development guide for everyone. (should
> have specification of interface planing/create and programming)
> Result:
> - - in native language direct
> - - easy to use one support (language automatic)
> - - have only required and optional files in source code
> repository
> - - have easy to contribute web interface (for example
> for translating [web, help, etc.])
> - - easy to programmers contribution,
> - - is best than MS Office in all releases!
> 2. In future:
> - every day we have new developers
> - every day we have more optimized algorithms
> - every day we have best closed standards reverse engineering
> - every day we have more happy users
> - every day we win in all categories with our competition!
> We can do it together! How You think?
I think, there are some interesting thoughts, but a lot of things to
discuss. "One bug-tracker for any language" for example would cause a
lot of work. What does "one standard" mean (for example)?


P.S. I write it, because hush means accordance and I don't agree in some

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