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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: Some more strange files in the OOo code
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 08:30:16 GMT
On 22.06.2011 09:49, Pedro Giffuni wrote:

>>> I don't know if someone wants to spend time and effort on it
>>> later on but we can import some of the LibreOffice enhancements:
>>> if the changes involve only removing code we don't need a
>>> license for that.
>> Interesting. But it's easier and less work to do that by ourselves.
>> And IMHO removing superfluous comments or unused code is better done
>> on the fly while you are at the file anyway.
> I only mentioned it JIC there is some interest in keeping our code-
> base in sync with "that other project that has become a problem to
> even mention" ;).

Good point. I'm sure that it will be no problem to take that into 
consideration. It would require that someone pointed us at the 
changesets though.

> Ispell is BSD licensed and has many dictionaries, but I have no
> Idea if it has all the required functionality. Alternatively
> we can just add a dependency to the GNU stuff like we will
> wave to do with gtk/qt.

We already have experience with supporting different spell checkers in 
OOo. It's easy to add a component using ISpell or another spell checker, 
but still leave the option to use HunSpell in the build system. No code 
in OOo directly interacts with the spell checker code, we have a stable 
API between them.

Keeping the HunSpell option would help upstream projects and so we 
should do it. We could even think about providing a HunSpell based 
spellchecker as an extension (though that would need some rework in the 
existing component).

> For regex there are many alternatives: in FreeBSD there is an ongoing
> project to replace GNU regex with a compatible library, but in this
> case I'd like to see Google's RE2 because it's in C++ and (apparently)
> as fast as it gets.
Sounds as if you know something about that. You look like a perfect 
candidate to do the changes. :-)


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