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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: Subversion history (was: Wiki, SVN, other resources)
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 17:32:58 GMT
On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 13:17, Mathias Bauer <> wrote:
> On 14.06.2011 19:04, Greg Stein wrote:
>> Right now, I believe our biggest impediment to an import is the list
>> of "which files?". We know there are gaps... we need to figure out
>> which files are necessary to fill those gaps, then request them from
>> Oracle.
> I'm working on the complete list of files that we miss. The list is based on
> milestone m103 of the code line "DEV300". We can merge in newer milestones
> as patches later. That would be easier than starting with a complete new
> list, IMHO. But YMMV.
> Please give me some more time to iron out the last details, there are still
> a few hundred files that need to be checked.

Patiently waiting! :-)

> History is another story. It is possible to "filter" the current Mercurial
> repository and remove all traces of those files that we don't move over to
> the Apache repository. The result would be another Mercurial repository. I
> assume that a conversion from Mercurial to svn without losing the history is
> possible.

Right. I investigated Mercurial's "Convert" extension. It provides for
such a filter. I think that'd we use that feature and iterate until we
get a Mercurial repository with all the correct files, and all the
correct history.

I've seen a reference that the Convert extension has a --dest-type
option to *output* to Subversion. But the main docpage does not talk
about it. And I haven't cracked the code open to see which one is
correct :-)

But yes: I have no doubt that we can "easily" convert the trimmed
Mercurial repository into a Subversion dumpfile for Infrastructure to


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