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Subject Proposed short term goals
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2011 19:07:04 GMT
At a very high level view, I think we want to set a handful of short term 
goals, generally around transitioning the project from the Oracle 
infrastructure to Apache infrastructure. 

We have other goals, as well, which are defined for us by Apache, 
necessary to graduate from a Podling:

But we need to do the basic transition.   It is moving day for OpenOffice! 
   We need to pack everything from that we want to keep and 
bring it over to Apache.

Although we are not obligated to do things exactly how they were done 
before in, it seems that the nature of the project is that 
we'll have some clearly distinguished functional subgroups within the 
project, including:

1) Development, including release management
2) Translation/Localization
3) Documentation, both in-product and on-website
4) User support, including user forums
5) Marketing

(Are there any others?  I may be missing something.)

I think it would be great if the Committers sort themselves up for one or 
more of these functions and help drive the project to some short-term 
goals.  Maybe each function has its own email list? (dev, translation, 
doc, support, marketing)  Plus a "general" list for cross-cutting 

 ===>  Could we get a wiki for the Podling, as well as the above 
per-function mailing lists, so we can work on planning?  I think tossing 
90 of us on a single dev list is non-optimal.

For example, the Development team should probably focus on  get the code 
to build on Windows, Linux and Mac.   As was noted in the proposal 
discussion, we believe that Oracle's original SGA will need to be 
supplemented by additional contributions in order to get to a successful 
build.   We should note other things that appear missing, like CWS, 
plugins, etc., as well.  But let's concentrate on the critical goal of 
getting to a successful build of the contributed code on the three major 

Translation team might concentrate on working with Apache Infrastructure 
team to get a Pootle server set up on and ensure that Oracle has 
contributed all translation files.

Ditto for documentation and support.  We need to find out what needs to be 
packed up, and find a place for it on the new Apache infrastructure.  This 
includes product-resources, i.e., things that get included in the released 
install image, but also user-facing web content and project-facing web 

Marketing probably wants to work on the trademark and logo related issues.

In order to remain coordinated, I'd also suggest that each team sketch out 
a plan, maybe on a wiki, for what substeps are needed to achieve these 
initial goals.

Does this make sense?  We need to get to a point where Oracle can hand 
over the DNS entries for to Apache shut off their servers, 
and have continuity of all important project and user systems running on 
the Apache infrastructure.  And by continuity, the ideal situation would 
be continuity at the level of a link as well, e.g., an external link to an web site would remain useful after the transition, although 
it might be redirected.


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