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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Wiki, SVN, other resources
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 16:34:31 GMT
 Hi guys;

 I am a freeBSD user/contributor and I hope I will be able to
 contribute to OOo too. For now do excuse me if I am not very
 aware of the Apache processes/procedures.

 I am glad subversion will be used (the web interface is so much
 better than GIT) and I am pretty sure the read-only GIT/mercurial
 access will be sufficient for external developers.

 One doubt I have is whether the historic metadata from the previous OOo
 Hg/bugzilla will also be imported. I would guess in the SVN repository
 we want to start from scratch with the donated code, so the previous
 history in Hg can remain where it is. The bugzilla database probably
 has uncommitted code that is nevertheless property of

 On both cases I guess the Oracle OpenOffice stuff will remain
 available for a while, but I was wondering if it made sense to
 transition all that stuff into the Apache incubator ASAP or just
 leave it as-is and fix the bugzilla issues case by case.

 FWIW, the bugzilla issue I care most about is the FreeBSD port
 but thankfully Maho@ will take care of that directly :).



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