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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Releasing OOo 3.4 on the old infrastructure - Oh no, fonts
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2011 22:31:41 GMT
Just muddying the waters a little more,

Some recent list exchanges suggest to me that the LibreOffice folks are busily getting rid
of OpenSymbol (which the ODT of the ODF specifications depend on for default
bullets in lists!) but probably not for the right reason: they just want more math symbols.

What I find peculiar is that OpenSymbol uses the private use area for so many code points
when Unicode now has official codes for most if not all of the symbols (apart from the funny-metric
cases of some of them).

The replacement math-symbol fonts and the two GPLed Linux Unicode fonts that LibreOffice now
distributes all seem to love putting more cruft into the private use area.  (I have NO idea
what impact that does to an Apache distribution that is intended to be interoperable
with respect to the same ODF documents.)

Because of that noise, we also need well-crafted definitions of what those private-use characters
are because they are strictly private-agreement things and, of course, there are collisions
between different private uses already.

 - Dennis

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From: Dave Fisher [] 
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2011 15:15
Subject: Re: Releasing OOo 3.4 on the old infrastructure

On Jul 4, 2011, at 3:04 PM, TJ Frazier wrote:

[ ... ]

> Without being able to view the private agreement, I'd like to mention a couple of off-beat
items which I hope are included:
> 1) UNOIDL - that is, the Unified Network Object Interface Description Language compiler,
which produces the content of api.oo.o, and the input files.

I hope so that information needs to build into the website. Some configuration will be needed.

> 2) The OpenSymbol font. The Math Engine (TeX-like) depends heavily on it, and it may
be used elsewhere in OO.o.

There should be license information in the font metadata. What does it say?


> Hope I'm worrying over nothing.
> -- 
> /tj/
> T. J. Frazier
> Melbourne, FL
> (TJFrazier on OO.o)

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