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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Releasing OOo 3.4 on the old infrastructure
Date Sun, 03 Jul 2011 16:27:09 GMT
On 19/06/2011 Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> Would it be possible to release OOo 3.4 on the old (Oracle-owned)
> infrastructure, and maybe take advantage of this release to educate
> users and volunteers about the coming new infrastructure at Apache?
> ... I take for granted that the community would support this proposal
> (for one, the Italian community spent weeks to get the OOo 3.4 strings
> 100% translated into Italian, and our QA team is ready to start full
> testing any moment). Would developers and release managers support this
> too?

All reactions on this old mail I sent have been positive, but we still
miss an answer from developers. In my opinion this is an occasion not to
miss for at least the following three reasons, comments welcome.

1) Releasing 3.4 must not be seen as the last activity on
   the old infrastructure, but as the first activity of the new Apache
   project. Dozens of tools are used to coordinate an OOo release, and
   for us experienced OOo volunteers it will surely be better to explain
   and revise tools and processes in front of a concrete example rather
   than describing them in abstract to new members.

2) 3.4 is mostly ready. I built the latest code from hg
   a couple weeks ago and I've regularly used it so far. The quality is
   good and there is no risk of damaging the OOo reputation. All
   release stoppers are bugs that will have to be fixed anyway, and
   fixing them later will require the same amount of time.

3) The amazing people who joined this project cover all areas needed
   for a successful release. This is the only group that can coordinate
   a successful release (bugfixing, QA, distribution) of
   3.4, and use the experience to educate old and new community members
   to the Apache way and, on the other side, to the OOo processes.

We have a huge community that is ready now and that becomes very active
only when a release is in sight (and that would surely be committed to
extra effort, if needed, this time): it would be a risky move, both for
communication and for involvement of volunteers, to have them waiting
for a long time before we can ask them to help us release a new version.

Any reasons not to try?


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