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From "Pedro F. Giffuni" <>
Subject Re: OOO and LibreOffice.
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2011 04:22:52 GMT

--- On Mon, 7/4/11, Rob Weir <> wrote:
> Pedro F. Giffuni wrote:
> > In general I avoid commenting threads like this, as
> > in my POV the licensing differences are not
> > surmountable..
> >
> It is hard to tell whether 100% of TDF developers insist
> on copyleft.
>  Certainly there is a vocal contingent for which the
> license issue is a deal breaker.  But there are others
> who are indifferent, and will be willing to work with
> us on areas of mutual interest. 

Oh, I agree. Not everyone is visceral about the license.
Unfortunately we cannot expect them to contribute while
we are not offering them anything in particular, so I
think we have to finish setting up our stuff first and
eventually they will come.

On the long run I think what we have to offer is
openness. As I said in a FreeBSD list ... contributing
to Apache OO is the best way to make sure that our
changes will get into both projects.


ps. BTW Rob, a Lotus Symphony port to FreeBSD would
be welcome :).

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