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From Graham Lauder <>
Subject Re: Another introduction
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2011 06:33:17 GMT
On Mon, 2011-07-04 at 22:37 -0400, Rob Weir wrote:

> Actually, none of this can affect the project unless the project
> accepts the work we do.  We have a PPMC of what?  50?  60? 70 members?
>  And how many IBM employees on it?  Maybe 6?  7? 8?  All we can do is
> offer contributions.  Remember, even a project Committer does not have
> absolute ability to make changes at whim.  Changes are reviewed and
> can be rejected by other Committers.
> If you are saying that IBM engineers collectively have the ability to
> make contributions that could be accepted by the project and by being
> accepted would affect the project, then I thank you for the
> compliment.  But I don't see a problem here.  Honestly, we're getting
> pretty equal criticism from people suggesting we're not going to
> contribute enough as there are people concerned that we're going to
> contribute too much.

Thanks Rob for taking the time to allay any fears.  One thing I would
like to see in OOo that is in Symphony is the tabbed documents
interface, that would be a welcome addition to OOo for mine.


Graham Lauder, MarCon (Marketing Contact) NZ Migration and training Consultant.

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