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From "Pedro F. Giffuni" <>
Subject Re: OOO and LibreOffice.
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2011 16:45:02 GMT

--- On Thu, 7/7/11, Simon Phipps <> wrote:
> Hence the desire to see the work that has already been done
> on LO contributed here, rather than a related-but-different
> cleanup.

All these contributions are hypothetical ... at least
until we have a repository of our own. And then, even
after having our SVN repository working we have other
priorities like IP cleanup.

Even if the enhancements have been tested in LO, the
code has to be reviewed, and committers are expected
to have good judgement of the issues.

One of the things LibreOffice pretends to do, for
example, is to remove Java as a dependency, a move
that is not very attractive to Apache developers, I think.

I appreciate the thoughts and general objective of
collaboration but I think most of it will end up being
orthogonal to what we have to do first: set a new
development focus.

To be successful, Apache OO cannot depend on LibreOffice.
I am not saying any of this thinking is bad at all or
that you should stop trying to build bridges, but we
still have to do a lot of stuff to do *here* before
getting to that.


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