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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Adding SVN Layout Ideas to Re: Apache CMS Workflow and a Key Question
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2011 02:21:21 GMT

On Jul 8, 2011, at 1:39 PM, Dave Fisher wrote:

> Kay's questions on
have helped me focus on how to enable website contributions.
> I really like the Apache CMS. Here is possible a workflow that would allow non-committers
to be able to contribute patches to both AOOo content and the site build we implement over
the Apache CMS.
> Workflow would be something like this:
> (1) Setup prerequisite software - Python-Markdown, DITA ...
> (2) svn checkout of the AOOo documentation / website repository including scripts.
> (3) Contributor edits documentation files - mdtext, html, javascript, css, dita(?), ....
> (4) Contributor performs test staging builds on their local machine in order to test
the results in complete isolation.
> This is a critical requirement. We should want to allow non-committers to easily test
ideas without needing a committer to hold their hand with every little design tweak they would
like to try.
> (5) When the contributor has updated content ready then they can proceed by according
> 	(a) Non-committer - submit an svn diff as a patch.
> 	(b) Committer - perform an svn commit which triggers an actual staging build.
> Here is the question. What is the script that performs the staging? In the Apache CMS
it is triggered by a commit, but for local use, the contributor has to run a version of that
script. I know that it will somehow invoke one of these:
> ./site/trunk/lib/
> ./site/trunk/lib/

I found the docs:

This helps with both (1) and (4)

> Looking for the answer and also comments on this workflow.

Next step is to layout the svn website directory structure. In the incubator we only have
a single site. Our prototype will need to be contained within a directory all
publishing through the Apache CMS

Here is a proposed layout:

(1) A full export of all webcontent repositories from Kenai. Done via svn export.


The script in ./trunk/tools/dev/ can be adapted to fill this directory with
an svn export. SInce this will be a large import into Apache we will need to co-ordinate with

We can then write scripts to clean up kenai content into something like the following structure.

(2) The various parts of the future sites.


(3) l10n and the various native language versions of


(4) All other projects with remapping if desired to be part of the


groups and project layout can be determined as we write the scripts to move webcontent from
the kenai export.

Note that our incubator website will have everything in /site/trunk/content/openofficeorg/.

When we graduate, or begin to publish we can re-arrange the directories.

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