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From Raphael Bircher <>
Subject Re: Website Content plus Look and Feel Improvements
Date Sat, 02 Jul 2011 22:41:50 GMT
Am 02.07.11 23:41, schrieb Kay Schenk:
> OUCH! see below...
> On Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 12:57 PM, Dave Fisher<>  wrote:
>> Yesterday I got tired of the look of people.mdtext in the project site. It
>> was so 1990s. So, I've improved the look via css and adding defined widths.
>> I guess I am volunteering for the item on
>> Several of us have been surveying the existing website on
>> several wiki pages mostly linked to from:
>> With over 140 "projects" in, it will be important to agree
>> to a mapping which reduces the granularity by more than an order of
>> magnitude. The page is a good and clear
>> way to start - and pretty much fits the structure on
>>         • Product Development
>>         • Extension Development
>>         • Language Support
>>         • Helping Users
>>         • Distribution
>>         • Promotion
>> I think that these groupings will help us easily have a rule about which
>> projects end up on or stay on the successor
>> http://*
>> Projects have "webcontent" and/or "wiki" content. On there
>> is a generally consistent look. There are exceptions which are marketing
>> sites like The difference is glaring because
>> that is the first big button on the main site.
>> Webcontent is available via svn - "svn co
>>${project}~webcontent ${project}" (Thanks
>> Marcus Lange)
>> Some projects are huge and others small. I downloaded several:
> I think "infrastructure" which is the project for all aspects dealing with
> the development of the old web site itself could be thrown out completely,
> since, ta da, here we are in a new environment. And, much of that is VERY
> old. Ditto for much of the "download" area which goes back to the
> non-mirrors age.
The problem is, that we have many dead pages on the SVN. At Collabnet we 
haven't the right to delete pages from the CVS. So many many unused site 
is still on the SVN but you won't find it over the OOo webpage.
> It might be useful to take the domains list....
> and see what can be combined into your suggested categories below.  Maybe we
> could start something like this as a seperate item off the "To Do" list on
> the OOo-sitemap page. Oddly, some of these actual "virtual domains" are
> really part of the main website -- web~webcontent.
I have already done a sitemap for all projects. It's only 4 month old. I 
do this sitemap for the kenai migration. I will upload the list. It's a 
line separated textfile.
> The following page needs more fleshing out:
>> wave@minotaur:~/ooo-test$ ls -1
>> development
>> documentation
>> download
>> projects
>> www
>> The size is 2.7GB.
>> It would be good to come up with a scripted way to convert existing
>> webcontent to either mdtext, an altered html, or specialized javascript and
>> css. It is likely we can adapt the content and use the Apache CMS to wrap a
>> standard skeleton.
Yes we need a script, but I think the Script can only do basic work. The 
OOo Page is not so easy as it looks. Ther are many special features on 
the kenai framework, and a load of JavaScript. I agree with Kai that we 
have to be verry carefull.

Greatings Raphael

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