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From Peter Junge <>
Subject Re: Introduction
Date Sun, 03 Jul 2011 05:02:54 GMT
Hello Raphael,

good having you around here.


On 24.06.2011 15:42, Raphael Bircher wrote:
> Hi at all
> My name is Raphael Bircher and living in Switzerland. The moast of the
> peoples knows me already. I'm in the OOo Community since the End 2005. I
> doing QA, Web Stuff, and sametimes I try to do a little bit coding. I've
> all teached myself, programming experiences and also my bad developer
> english (without OOo I think I had never learned english). My work for
> OOo was:
> - Help by the release QA for the german NLC
> - Bughunting, IssueTracker cleaning
> - QA for Mac during and after Aqua porting
> - Automated Testing
> - QA the Mac OS X Langpacks
> - Mentoring new peoples in QA
> - QA and scripting for the OOo Website
> - Evaluate problems depended to the Kenai migration.
> - Dedecting wrong subscribe links during the kenai migration with a
> script (over 30'000 pages checked)
> - A portable for Mac (never published)
> Non tecnical stuff
> - New Member recruting (same of the hardest jobs at
> - Particip at souveral Events (at the moment no time, see below)
> - initial and founding Member of Switzerland (now saffos
> swiss assossiacion for free and fair software solutions) I'm no longer
> member of this assossiacion, but I have contact to it.
> Work at the moment
> - Helping by the migration to Apache
> - 64 bit Version of OOo for Mac
> And if sameone believe, that my live is filled with only,
> then you are wrong. I have a much bigger passion as It's
> Sport. I have had many difficult time in my live. I was born with a
> strong physical handicap called ICP, I had cancer in the year 2005/2006,
> but nothing of this things blocks me out in sport. My main sport is
> floorball, this is a hockey sport wich is realy popular in Sweeden
> Finland Czach Rebublik and Switzerland. I play it for about 20 years
> now. But sport is for me much more then fun, it's a way of therapy for
> my handicap and it's a good way to show the people that much mor is
> possible as you expect. I train 6 times per week and sametimes more.
> This is the reason why I have not the time to particip at events for
> OOo. I hope you can respect this. For all who want to see me play, I
> have a video on YouTube (
> Back to OOo, what's my reason to particip on it. Because of the sport
> and also because social assurance issue it's not easy for me to work for
> money (in this case Switzerland is a complicate and same times paradox
> Country). But I can't only sit here, and wait for the next training. I
> have to do samething in the free time, and I like to do same thing that
> is usfull for all. I think is a good thing to du this.
> The work on the computer is a good alternation to the hard work on the
> sportfield. Also I want to keep open the door to the world of IT, even I
> don't know if I would work as professional IT in future. I tend more to
> going direction motivation & coaching, sport coach or samething like that.
> Anyway, the next five years I will make sport, and that's my first
> priority. In this time I will also particip to OOo. We had a realy hard
> time at our project, and sametimes it realy hurt wat's going on the last
> 12 month. Now we see a light and I realy hope that we take the chance.
> I want to finish my introduction with a little philosophical quote from
> myself. This quote I said as I was in the hospital with cancer and a
> survey chance between 30 and 50 %.
> "Im grössten Tief ist der Anfang deines grössten Hochs, du wächst mit
> den negativen und nicht mit den positiven Momenten"
> Translation to english
> "In the deepest deep is the beginning of your biggest heighlight, you
> growing up with the bad and not with the good things."
> Greetings Raphael

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