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From David McKay <>
Subject Problem adding my details to the contributors page
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2011 20:39:12 GMT
And we're off to a flying start.

Trying to use the online CMS to add my details to

But when I check the Quick commit box and click submit I get the 
following error:

Commit failed (details follow):: access to 

forbidden at /usr/local/cms/webgui/lib/ASF/CMS/WC/ line 59

Can anybody tell what I did wrong?


On 28/06/11 20:03, Rob Weir wrote:
> I've updated the page to have a table rather than just a flat list.
> Every committer should add themselves to the list, as well as ever
> other person who is contributing via the the discussion lists, wiki,
> etc.  You're all contributors to the project.
> Committers should follow the instruction here, to learn how to use the
> CMS to edit the web site:
> This is an essential project skill, so if you have not already studied
> that page, it would be good to take this as an opportunity to pick up
> this skill.  If you are a programmer, comfortable with Subversion, the
> the command line instructions are easy.  If you would prefer the web
> interface, then skip down to where it says "Editing in the browser".
> For contributors who are not committers, you would need to submit a
> patch with your information to the list.
> In addition to ensuring that everyone understands how to update the
> web site, this is also a good opportunity to build a quick directory
> of what skills project members have.
> Regards,
> -Rob

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