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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re:
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2011 16:35:08 GMT

 >> [...] Speaking of merges in SVN we regularly had the problem that a
 >> file was renamed in one CWS and changed in another CWS and the result
 >> was that the change got lost. HG or GIT handle this scenario much
 >> more gracefully, so there was less risk to do big merges.
 > indeed, which led to effectively forbidding moving files in SVN...
 > i hope SVN has learned to signal a merge conflict for this nowadays?

I found and it 
is in status NEW, but the target milestone is 1.8-consider already, so 
there is hope.

 > there is another tool, a HG extension called hg-git, which can
 > convert HG bookmarks to git branches.

Great find! I was already brushing up my python and mercurial internals 
skills to extend hg-fast-export's export_commit() for our one big 
hg-repo with one hg-branch and many hg-bookmarks. I'm glad that cup passed.

 > so my current plan is this:
 > 1. convert OOO340 repo to git via
 > 2. pull all CWSes into OOO340 repo and create bookmarks
 > 3. use hg-git to push all of them into the converted git repo

Sounds good!
I'd clarify step one to "convert OOO340 repo to a bare git repo via". After all these steps please don't forget git 
pack-refs and git repack (e.g. with "-a -d -f --window=200 
--depth=1000") to get a nice and tight repository.


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