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From Raphael Bircher <>
Subject Re: What is the advantage of the Apache Fork?
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2011 16:01:36 GMT
Am 07.07.11 17:01, schrieb theUser BL:
> Hi!
> What is the advantage of the Apache Fork?
> Currently there are two point of views what a OOo fork is and what not.
> If you look at the trademark and logo, then LibreOffice is the fork.
> But if you look at all other things, like where all the old OOo developer are working
and so on, then LibreOffice is the new and the Apache is the
If you call Marketing people, translators, and Doc writer developer, 
Yes. But I think you are wrong informated by the press. The main work of 
the core development was done by the developer at Hamburg, not by 
Novell, RedHat or Canonical. It's simply wrong if you say, that the 
developer from Hamburg has changed to LibO. That's FUD and no more.
> For me (and not only for me) developer are much more important then project logos and
names. And so for me (and not only for me) Apache with its new developers is
the fork.
We have new Developer but also same of the moast expirienced OOo 
developers from Hamburg. They work since the Star Office time at this 
> I have seen, how changed after the core team changed to LibreOffice.
> Ok, at this point I want to mention icons. Have a look at this screenshot of OOo from
the old team:
> and then have a look at the icons of the OOo after the core team have left:
> All icons looking at the first view identical. Same colors, similar look.
> have had a philosophy behind a lot of things. Here the coloring spcs of
the old OOo:
> As there stand "The language of colors are one of the most important
>              identifier to differ between all of applications.".
> But the Apache fork have forgotten it.
And wath has colors to due with core development, nothing.
> But the team, who have written the spec, have at LibreOffice created new icons with the
same philosophy:
They are marketing people and same ui designer not core developer
> Thats for example.
> And no one other, then the people at LibreOffice understanding the code base of the Office
Suite better.
> So what is the advantage of your fork? What will Apache OOo do better
then LibreOffice?
We have over 60 peoples as Commitor and two Companys IBM and RF2000 
behind use. This are enough reason to exist.

Greetings Raphael

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