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From Reizinger Zoltán <>
Subject Re: Extensions and templates site down
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 06:01:20 GMT
2011.07.11. 15:41 keltezéssel, TJ Frazier írta:
> On 7/11/2011 07:28, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> Reizinger Zoltán wrote:
>>> The two sites works sporadically, needs four five web page refresh 
>>> to load:
>>> To help OOo present users, needs to stabilize sites work.
>>> Somebody knows what the cause of this problem.
>> Yes, I posted some more details in this message a few weeks ago:
>> and I don't have further updates available.
>> Note that those sites are not part of the Oracle infrastructure.
>> Regards,
>>    Andrea.
> Hi, all,
> Andrea Pescetti's helpful message is easier to find here:

> since it is titled, "Re: Bugzilla or JIRA? ..." etc.
> Oregon State University Open Source Lab hosts the extensions site, and 
> some Apache-related things as well. Just for fun, I tried looking up 
> OSUOSL's service ticket #18367, but their website was impenetrable to 
> my relatively feeble search attempts.
> As a systems programmer (retired), I used to read a lot of tickets, 
> and it was my job to solve them. I find this protracted trouble 
> curious, to say the least. :-/
It seems to me it is an abandoned site, nobody care for it, it hurt all 
OOo effort if we not find a solution to restart, the users ask every day 
on forum which way they could find specific extensions, and we can not 
help them. It is sad thing.

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