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From florent andré <>
Subject Re: single repository status
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2011 12:22:37 GMT

I also think that we need codebase in svn soon.

Following your all pretty good comments, import a "perfect" hg history 
into svn seems not to be quite easy... and will require works and effort.

As Michael Stahl says "Hg/git/otherDSCMs and SVN have fundamentally 
different data models for representing branching/merging".
So hg --> svn is complicated but hg --> git seems to works pretty well.

The main point is to have a way to lurk the history, and to host this 
history into Apache infra in order to be Oracle's server shut down tolerant.

So, what about this proposal ? :

- ask infra to set up a special git ooo-history
- import only the main hg branch into svn
- if someone interested in a specific hg branch :
** git checkout theBranch (from ooo-history)
** svn create branch from trunk ( Btrunk)
** diff Btrunk / theBranch for creating patch
** apply patch on Btrunk
** commit Btrunk

Sure we will lost a lot of history in svn... but we still have it in git 
... And a new (hi)story begin in Apache svn ! :)

This will require infra to set up a special ooo-history git repos... but 
if we are kind they may accept :).

What do you think ?


On 07/21/2011 03:16 PM, Jens-Heiner Rechtien wrote:
> On 07/20/2011 12:05 PM, Eike Rathke wrote:
>> Hi Michael,
>> On Tuesday, 2011-07-19 23:26:48 +0200, Michael Stahl wrote:
>>> unfortunately it seems none of the tools that convert from HG or git
>>> to SVN can create SVN branches with SVN mergeinfo (necessary in
>>> order to be able to merge the branches back into the trunk).
>>> there are some tools to convert from git that can create SVN
>>> branches, but they leave out the SVN mergeinfo; apparently the
>>> intent is to maintain a read-only mirror...
>> I didn't dug deeper into this, but conversion from hg to git should be
>> pretty straight forward and then there's git-svn, would that be viable
>> to import branches as well?
>>> basically we have these options for converting to SVN:
>>> 1. convert full history
>>> requires writing tool to create SVN branches and mergeinfo
>>> 2. convert trunk only, using follow-first-parent heuristic
>>> with hacks where we want to follow second parent instead
>>> 3. no history in SVN, just check in OOO340 tip
>> I'd prefer #3 and have a read-only hg/git repository for cases where one
>> really wants to lookup history. AOOo needs to get its code base going.
> +1 for #3. We need the repository ASAP to get going. If we have to write
> the conversion tools first we'll loose way to much time which could be
> spent better on getting AOOo 3.4 (or whatever the first AOOo release
> will be called) out of the door. A pity that Apache git support is not
> ready for prime time ... would make things so much easier.
> Heiner

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