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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: ooo-dev list subscriber stats?
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2011 16:44:06 GMT
Hi Manfred,

> did you check all the other (not US/UK) user ML as well?

No, I did it mostly out of curiosity. Although I speak multiple computer languages, my human
language skills are English with a little high school German over 30 years ago.

If others know ....

> IMHO we need a statement for all the current subscribers on the actual user
> MLs. You can hardly regain customers you lost.

Agreed. Someone should write an announcement for use to disseminate.

An announcement should probably include:

- introduce AOOo (incubating)
- a promise that all bugs, user forums, and mailing lists will be migrated carefully and people
can continue as now.
- a call for developers (code and documentation) to join us on ooo-dev w/ a mention and link
to the Apache Way.

- introduce an AOOo blog so that the Community can follow our progress.


> ## Manfred - (android) mobil - please excuse typos
> Am 08.07.2011 15:53 schrieb "Dave Fisher" <>:
>> On Jul 8, 2011, at 6:41 AM, Rob Weir wrote:
>>> Is there a way for list moderators to get a tally of list subscribers?
>>> Or is this an admin permission?
>> On another thread and list I saw this:
>> "Email ooo-dev-help@ from your moderator address for more information."
>>> I'm interesting in knowing how many people are currently subscribed,
>>> especially a sense of the ratio of "lurkers" to active participants,
>>> contributors to users, etc. This could be one indication of whether
>>> we are ready for a ooo-user list now.
>> I have been lurking on - there have been
> approximately 130 emails since June 24. Not a very high volume I haven't
> seen anything regarding Apache OOo.
>> Regards,
>> Dave

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